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Home News The DOJ Is Finally Suing US Telecom Providers for Robocalls

The DOJ Is Finally Suing US Telecom Providers for Robocalls

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The US Department of Justice has filed lawsuits (PDF and PDF) against two small telecommunications providers that have allegedly connected hundreds of millions of fraudulent robocalls from Indian call centers to US residents. The Feds want a New York federal judge to cut off the companies’ access to the US telephone network. […] Ars is owned by WIRED’s parent company, Condé Nast.Fraudulent robocalls are a serious problem in the United States—and the Justice Department says two US companies contributed significantly to the problem. Over a 23-day period in May and June of last year, for example, defendant TollFreeDeals connected 720 million calls to US numbers. According to the Justice Department, 425 million of the calls lasted for one second or less—suggesting that many were unwanted.The Feds say that during those two months, TollFreeDeals connected 182 million calls from a single India-based call center. […] Over a period of years, the companies received numerous warnings from other telecom providers that their services were being used for fraud.