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Home Business & Finance Hulu restructures under Disney, CEO Randy Freer departs – TechCrunch

Hulu restructures under Disney, CEO Randy Freer departs – TechCrunch

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Hulu CEO Randy Freer is stepping down from his role as part of a major restructuring of Disney’s direct-to-consumer business, the company announced on Friday. Disney had acquired control of Hulu last year following its acquisition of 21st Century Fox and subsequent deal with NBCU which gave it full operational control. […] The move signals Disney’s plans to streamline its direct to consumer operations, which also today include Disney and ESPN . Freer joined Hulu in October 2017 after previously serving as president and COO of Fox Networks Group. […] With Fox, Disney gained access to the Fox studio and FX, which it could use to help fill out Hulu with more original content. […] I also want to thank Kevin and The Walt Disney Company, as well as NBCUniversal and Fox, for providing me the opportunity to lead Hulu during a time of tremendous growth and significant industry transformation. Hulu has established itself as a leading choice for consumers looking for the best TV service available today, and I am confident Hulu will thrive inside Disney under DTCI’s leadership and resources,” he said.