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Home News What is going on with Tesla? – TechCrunch

What is going on with Tesla? – TechCrunch

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Shares of American electric car company Tesla are sharply higher again this morning, adding $122.40 (or 15.69 percent ) to their value before regular trading today. The gains come after Tesla has rapidly added value in recent days, including a nearly 20 percent gain yesterday during regular trading; shares of the company were worth around $560 a week ago. […] The company reported earnings on January 29th, last Wednesday, leading to a nice bump in the company’s value. […] What matters is that Tesla shares are booming today, providing the company with implied access to capital that it could use to pay down debt. […] And it says that the company’s rising revenue multiple isn’t that bonkers when you compare it to historical levels (implying that the company’s current valuation is not as wild as one might think, when compared to prior valuations the company has enjoyed). […] You can fill in the blanks yourself, but Tesla is putting on a show and it’s annoyingly exciting.