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What the Iowa Caucus means for getting Iowa online

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If you need to get online in Winterset, Iowa (population 5,200), you head to the library. Kids who live out in the country still go to school in Winterset, and often submit their homework online as part of the district’s one-to-one Chromebook deal. But with only choppy wireless or satellite signals, it’s hard for country kids to hand in their assignments from home. […] And while the Iowa Caucus has brought massive political attention to the small state, little of that attention has gone to the state’s networks. […] It’s super annoying to have to write everything down and then go in later and open up the document and put everything back in later. It’s extra work.” […] We’d love to have a beautiful university building in a rural setting like Mitchell, but the problem is that you just can’t have the connectivity and the high-speed access to make it happen,” Derek Balsley tells The Verge.