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A US House candidate says she was hacked — now she’s warning others – TechCrunch

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I cannot think of a reason not to share this with the public,” Brianna Wu tweeted. As a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Massachusetts’ 8th District, she has a larger target on her back for hackers than the average constituent. And as a former software engineer, she knows all too well the cybersecurity risks that come along with running for political office. […] She said that she reported the intrusions to the FBI. “The worry is obviously that it could hurt the campaign,” she told TechCrunch. […] It’s illegal in Maryland, for example, to use campaign finances for securing the personal accounts of candidates and their staff — the same kind of accounts that hackers used to break into Podesta’s email account in 2016. […] But Wu said that the Democrats could do more to support campaign cybersecurity, and that she was speaking out to implore others who are running for Congress to do more to bolster their campaign’s cybersecurity.