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SaaS kicks off 2020 with an extra billion in VC funding as round count halves – TechCrunch

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The venture capital world is investing more capital into software as a service companies (SaaS), despite cutting the number of deals it executes within the startup category, according to Crunchbase data. The results echo other venture data we’ve explored recently, including a look into early-stage dealmaking that shows a rise in invested venture dollars inversely correlating with a boost to the number of total deals recorded. More capital and fewer deals means larger venture-backed investments, implying a general tilt towards the later-stage market. Instead of looking at things by stage, however, this afternoon we’re exploring a startup category. And SaaS is a key category in the startup world, making the inspection worth our time. As the venture capital world’s seed investors focus more on enterprise deals than consumer investments, seeing SaaS perform well is not surprising.