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What happened to Slack today – TechCrunch

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All the ruckus concerning Slack and its publicly traded stock appeared to kick off with a Business Insider story, which had the following headline: Slack just scored its biggest customer deal ever, as IBM moves all 350,000 of its employees to the chat app Given the context of the simmering Slack versus Teams battle, having Slack win what appeared to be a huge, new contract was big news. Slack’s shares shot higher, and the news engendered all sorts of headlines that now look a bit silly. Like this one: Slack may survive after all, after IBM choose them as exclusive supplier for 350,000 employees Slack shares traded up sharply all day. […] Later, Slack released an SEC filing, which included the fact that IBM was already one of its customers. This meant that IBM was not a new customer, and that the headline 350,000 employee figure would not manifest itself in that many novel seats of Slack sold. The company itself put a final bit of ironmongery in the human plasticware, saying the following in the filing to tamp down the market’s enthusiasm: IBM has been Slack’s largest customer for several years and has expanded its usage of Slack over that time.