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Ford says its performance cars need to be about more than 0-60 times

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Performance isn’t going anywhere at Ford, even as countries make it harder to accomplish. Ford Stricter fuel economy and emissions regulations threaten performance cars as we know them. Dave Pericak, the man responsible for Ford’s “icon cars” such as Mustang, GT and the upcoming Bronco, is pretty blunt about it.”A lot of countries are changing regulations so quickly, and so much, they’re almost forcing the performance products out,” Pericak told Roadshow at the Chicago Auto Show last week, which hosted the 2020 Ford GT‘s debut. This, of course, is a direct threat to the vehicles Pericak adores, but as he explained, Ford is hard at work to minimize the threat to fun.”Our job is going to be two-fold,” he said. “One is to figure out how to continue to make performance that will exist in some of these regulated countries, even our own, and how do you do it so it’s a global offering?” […] Instead, he said there’s a shift to focus on the performance “experience.”Say a performance vehicle will run the quarter mile in 11 seconds.