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Home News Can Femtech deliver radically personalized care to women?

Can Femtech deliver radically personalized care to women?

Summary (IA Generated)

Patient privacy and safety have always been cornerstones of the U.S. healthcare system. The collection of this data might be valuable for the future of healthcare – the issue really comes down to data control vs. data privacy.It’s hard to reconcile data and technology in healthcare, where nothing is more personal and nuanced than one’s health. Yet, over the past three to four years, we’ve seen the healthcare industry apply technology to unpack the value drivers of health personalization by organizing and actioning customer and clinical data. [...] Even subtle changes in data, as in life, can have a major impact on the outcomes and because there are a large number of variables in women’s health, the ability for data models to accurately reflect what is happening in the real world can be limited. [...] We have seen from the frontline the impacts of GDPR and CCPA, and how they empower consumers to have the option to provide permission on what information they choose to share and have utilized if they’d prefer to receive more personalized care or messaging – especially for women who want more control over their health and lives.Having access to healthcare data for the purpose of general research to find new drug targets and better select patients for clinical studies shouldn’t be overlooked. [...] Applying data and technology solutions can do this and uncover new forms of diagnostics and treatments for the future of health.