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How To Leave Dark Patterns Behind — Smashing Magazine

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About The AuthorVitaly Friedman loves beautiful content and doesn’t like to give in easily. No wonder ad-blockers have gained traction, browsers have introduced tracking protection, and new legislation in form of GDPR and CCPA brought regulations for data collection.We need to craft better digital products that respect customer’s choices without hurting business KPIs. […] You will also learn about the ethical governance model and how to develop one.#culturalchange #ethicalgovernance #decisions This chapter discusses and challenges how to involve users in projects, and it includes guidelines on how to design for the must vulnerable. Finally, it highlights some business perspectives of human-centered design.You will learn how to integrate human-centered approach into your workflow, and how to involve users more in your work process, as well as core accessibility techniques, and key ways to design with ethics for children.#hcd #accessibility #children4. […] We establish why ethical design works as a business concept, and how we can use the traditional ways of measuring success to measure the impact of ethical design.We’ll learn to use road-map planning, what KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to use for ethical design, and we introduce The Ethical Design Scorecard, a tool to assessing the ethical level of products, business and practices.#roadmap #KPI #ROIofethics5. […] It also provides a set of specific examples of how to design user interfaces with ethical design in mind.You’ll learn how to move towarads trustworthy design, how to design ethical user interfaces, and the book also provides an extensive amount of blueprints as data models for digital products.#ethicalUI #cookies #data #datamodels We wrap up the content of the book by offering a set of practical tips and specific blueprints to help you get started on your first ethical design project.In the book, you’ll learn how to:Define and explain what ethical design is,Justify and prove a business case for ethical decisions,Measure and track the impact of ethical design,Grow a sustainable business on ethical principles,Strike the balance between data collection and ethics,Embed ethical design into your workflow,Get started with ethical transformation.368 pages.