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Home News Oh great, the EU has ditched its facial recognition ban

Oh great, the EU has ditched its facial recognition ban

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The European Union is backing away from its plan to introduce a temporary ban on facial recognition technology — instead delegating decisions on the software to its member states. In a previous draft of a paper on AI, the European Commission had proposed introducing a five-year moratorium on the technology. […] The new draft does give individual member states the power to impose prohibitions on the technology as they see fit — but they have thus far been reluctant to do this. […] Last October, California became the third state in the US to ban facial recognition technology in police body cameras, while a range of the legislators in the country’s cities — which can often act quicker than state and national legislators — have also been imposing local restrictions. Governments that aren’t prepared to ban facial recognition are learning that citizens will take their own measures to avoid the technology. In Russia and the UK, activists are donning makeup to hide from facial recognition, while in Hong Kong, protestors have been destroying CCTV systems equipped with the technology.