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Home News Save big on these online courses during President's Day weekend

Save big on these online courses during President’s Day weekend

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TLDR: From Python to project management, from SEO to the cloud, check out these four Presidents’ Day course packages that can change your career trajectory. And every big retailer from Walmart, Costco and Target are selling like crazy too. Presidents’ Day brings out all the consumer heavy hitters to try and entice you to purchase with big percentages off any item you want. But rather than stocking up on stuff over the holiday weekend, how about this for an idea? […] With deep ties in data analysis and machine learning, Python programming has almost become the coder’s premier entryway to coding in recent years — so this 12-course package can get you entirely up to speed on all the advantages of this user-friendly language. From the basic operations of Python through to advanced training, from 100 different Python tasks to boost your skills to 10 real-world Python apps that actually work, you’ll go from fresh newbie to battle-hardened vet at light speed.