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Home News Nevada Democratic debate: Klobuchar admitted she forgot the Mexican president’s name

Nevada Democratic debate: Klobuchar admitted she forgot the Mexican president’s name

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Amy Klobuchar admitted during Wednesday night’s Democratic debate that she couldn’t name the Mexican president when pressed by a reporter from Telemundo last week — a slip-up that former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg used to question her overall qualifications for office. On February 13, Telemundo reporter Guadalupe Venegas asked Klobuchar, Who is the president of Mexico? […] It was a timely question given that about 78 percent of Nevada’s almost 800,000 Latinos are of Mexican origin. But a flustered Klobuchar, who sits on the Senate committees that oversee trade with Mexico and border security, couldn’t come up with his name even after Venegas pressed her twice more. […] I don’t think that that momentary forgetfulness actually reflects what I know about Mexico and how much I care about it, Klobuchar said. […] Elizabeth Warren came to Klobuchar’s defense, claiming that it’s understandable she might momentarily forget a name, but that if she can’t answer questions about US trade policy with Mexico, she ought to be held accountable. In an effort to show just how much she knows about Mexican foreign policy, Klobuchar tried to pivot to how she and Buttigieg actually differ: He would classify Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations, as Trump has previously suggested, whereas she wouldn’t. […] That is a very valid debate to have, Klobuchar said to Buttigieg. I don’t think that would be good for our security coordination with Mexico, and I think you got that wrong.