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Home News Westworld Isn't Alone: 14 TV Shows That Kept Us Waiting

Westworld Isn’t Alone: 14 TV Shows That Kept Us Waiting

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These violent delights have violent ends.

That’s the line from Shakespeare‘s Romeo and Juliet that’s become something of a catchphrase for Westworld over the course of the HBO sci-fi thriller‘s first two seasons.

Of course, given the wait fans of the show have had to endure for a third season to finally arrive, the word ‘eventually’ ought to be tacked on to the end of the phrase.When the show returns on Sunday, March 15, not only will it look quite a bit different, as Dolores, Evan Rachel Wood‘s heroic robot, has finally made it out of the ghoulish theme park that’s housed the show for its run, ready to track down its shadowy creators in a future-set Los Angeles, and new cast members Aaron Paul, Lena Waithe and Scott ‘Kid Cudi’ Mescudi, among others, have joined the cast, but it will have been after quite some time.

The hit Netflix series kept fans waiting a whopping 21 months between seasons two and three.

While Rami Malek was off becoming an Oscar winner, fans of the USA thriller that made him a household name were forced to wait 22 months for the premiere of the fourth and final season.

Fans had to wait 13 months between seasons six and seven, compared to the typical 10, while the wait for the final season ballooned to 20 months.

Fans of AMC’s Breaking Bad prequel were made to wait 16 months before it returned for its currently airing fifth season.

The period drama that put AMC on the map took a lengthy break between its fourth and fifth seasons.

The season four finale aired in October 2010, while the fifth season didn’t bow until March 2012, 17 months later.

Between seasons five and six of the Bravo reality series, contract negotiations with cast members became so prolonged that the show was forced off its traditional production schedule and fans were made to wait 17 months for the new season to begin airing.

While Teresa Giudice, the show’s anchor cast member, served her 11-month prison sentence, the Bravo series suspended production until her release, making the wait between seasons six and seven a total of 20 months.

Fans of Donald Glover’s acclaimed FX comedy know a thing or two about waiting for new episodes.

The hiatus between seasons one and two lasted 16 months.

And when the third season finally arrives in January 2021, as promised, it will have been 32 months since season two ended.

The show with the unrivaled longest hiatus on this list, the HBO comedy waited an astounding six years, from 2011 to 2017, for Larry David to find inspiration for a ninth season.

It made the 25 month wait for season 10 feel like a blink of an eye by comparison.

Before fans could find out how Carrie Mathison’s story would end, they had to wait 22 months for the Showtime thriller to return for its eighth and final season.

The wait between seasons two and three of HBO’s trippy sci-fi series lasted a total of 21 months.

Fans of HBO’s iconic mob drama were made to wait 15 months between seasons four and five, with 21 months standing between seasons five and six.

When the fourth season of Issa Rae’s HBO comedy begins in April, it will have been 19 months since the season three finale aired.

Westworld returns for season three Sunday, March 15 at 9 p.m. on HBO.