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The battle between DeFi, CeFi and the old guard

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We aren’t taught real economics in school.

The truth of how the financial system was built, how it works, who controls it, and so on is a whole new world to them.

I ponder two theories about the future of the financial world.

One theory is that smart tech nerds have created blockchain technology, decentralized finance and all these technologies that are taking over the world.

The other theory is that big financial institutions or governments have experimented with similar technologies and are today perhaps 10 years ahead of the publicly available DeFi movement.

Either way, the elites behind The Great Reset at the World Economic Forum, who seek to remake the global economy, obviously have a plan and a new financial system ready to go.

While the elites work to reset the global economy for their benefit, crypto startups are developing services that compete with the most powerful Wall Street firms and central banks.

Entrepreneurs and developers have begun building what they call decentralized finance, which represents an entirely new system where users can lend money in a decentralized manner, among other options.

Although only central banks could print money not so long ago, DeFi is creating technologies where people are able to code their own transactional currencies in the form of tokens or cryptocurrencies.

The internet decentralized the process of creating and distributing content; for example, anyone could then have a YouTube channel.

They realized no one would ever claim all the gold at once and started making loans against their assets — similar to some of the DeFi technology of today.

In a sense, by looking back at the history of banking, you can predict the future of DeFi.

The most promising DeFi apps today include protocols for decentralized interest rates, liquidity pools, stablecoins, etc.

For that reason, I don’t see big banks making any groundbreaking moves into DeFi just yet.

Many factors today affect the future of DeFi.

Another factor is how banks and regulators react to the phenomenon of DeFi.

Unless we develop and meet such criteria, DeFi will not be able to compete with the traditional banking system.

Crypto entrepreneurs should educate the public about DeFi to help them understand why this new technology could benefit people’s everyday lives.

Some people simply don’t want to deal with a technology that is completely decentralized.

The DeFi industry would benefit by incorporating certain aspects of the old financial world into their business model.

Centralized and decentralized apps can be combined to create new types of economies and to encourage more people to use DeFi.

New digital economies can spring from anywhere in the world and take many forms, creating opportunities for everybody.

For instance, it depends on the evolution and decentralization of technology in general, including internet and security practices.

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