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Twitter Users Erupt Over Kevin McCarthy’s ‘Everybody’ To Blame For Capitol Riot Claim.-

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.

) sparked a wave of anger on Twitter Friday after he claimed ‘everybody across this country‘ is to blame for the deadly storming of the U.


Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

In an interview to be aired Sunday, McCarthy attempted to clarify to Greta Van Susteren his apparent flip-flop on whether Trump was actually responsible for the violent mob.

McCarthy earlier this week suggested Trump ‘bears responsibility’ for the attack.


] Twitter users berated McCarthy for his comments.

] Dear Kevin McCarthy: Everybody across this country is responsible for the dog crap on my block not having been picked up.

] Ok, so if I’m reading this right, Kevin McCarthy is saying he was at least in part responsible?.

] James ミルキー Mielke (@LimitedRunJames) January 23, 2021 Serial liar Kevin McCarthy said ‘Everybody Across This Country’ Is To Blame For Capitol Attack.

] Lock Up The #GOPTraitors (@MythicalStig) January 23, 2021 In a new twist to his never ending lies that incited terrorism, Seditionist @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy says everyone in the US is responsible for the MAGA attacks on January.

] James Kosur (@JamesKosur) January 23, 2021 Kevin McCarthy is responsible.