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Home News Hawley tries to cancel Senate Democrats for “canceling” him.-

Hawley tries to cancel Senate Democrats for “canceling” him.-

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Josh Hawley (R-MO) says Senate Democrats are engaging in ‘cancel culture‘ for filing a request with the Ethics Committee to investigate his role in the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

His response was to file his own complaint.

‘Your baseless allegations are in that sense unfortunately typical of today’s leftwing cancel culture, a culture that tramples on the democratic traditions that left and right once defended together,’ Hawley wrote to senators in filing his countercomplaint.

Seven Senate Democrats called on the Ethics Committee to determine whether Hawley, and Sen.


] Hawley, an ambitious Trump loyalist, has drawn criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike for his role as a leader in the effort to block certification of Biden’s electoral college victories in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

] On the day of the insurrection, Hawley raised his fist in a show of support to the pro-Trump mob clustered outside the Capitol on his way in to work, just hours before the situation turned deadly.

In a letter to the Senate Committee on Ethics Thursday, Sens.

] Any complaint made by a senator automatically gets consideration from the Ethics Committee, which is composed of three members of each party.

] ‘This line of thinking is, however, sadly consistent with the woke-mob mentality that you should cancel anyone who disagrees with your views.