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How 60 reporters from 25 media outlets in 18 countries are finishing the work of murdered journalists.-

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In 2012, Regina Martínez was killed brutally in her home in Xalapa, Mexico.

‘What the local press did not want to publish was published through Regina Martínez,’ Jorge Carrasco, Proceso’s editor-in-chief, told The Washington Post.

In early December, the Post published a portrait of the slain Mexican journalist who was known for reporting on two successive governors (Fidel Herrera and Javier Duarte) in Veracruz who she said had looted the treasury and allowed cartels to operate freely with the help of local and state police.

Before her death, Martínez had sought to prove the traffickers and their accomplices had executed hundreds of people.


] The front-page story in the Post about Martínez’s death and her work was the first installment of the series.

] Veronica Espinosa, a correspondent for Proceso in central Mexico, was one of several journalists who shared a byline with Priest in the Post story about Martínez.

] Espinosa said Martínez was a journalist who was very critical, who investigated and published important information about the corruption of governors in Veracruz, drug trafficking in Veracruz, and more.

] She said there’s still great fear in Veracruz to speak about Martínez and what happened to her.

‘It’s very comforting to know that our fellow collaborators from the rest of the world share a concern for the assassinations, the monitoring and disappearances of journalists in Mexico,’ Espinosa said in Spanish during an interview through Signal.