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Home News Like Philistines invoking God's name.-

Like Philistines invoking God’s name.-

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Politicians as a whole are less trustworthy than the slimiest of used car salesmen.

My apologies to slimy used car salesmen.

) They’re more sinister and underhanded than Satan’s most celebrated minions.


] Republicans are worse than Democrats, because Democrats are proven pernicious, congenital, pathological liars.

Democrats have an unimpeachable record of promoting slavery, Jim Crow, baby killing, reprobate sexual perversion and deconstruction of America‘s most valued institutions, beginning with the family and the church.

] They’re in office to get rich serving the interests of the nefarious entities that manipulate outcomes and incomes.

] What parents in their right mind would want any one of these women to be the model for their daughters?.

] We the People should remember that President Trump held rallies throughout his campaign and presidency, attended by tens upon tens of thousands of people without incident, until Jan.

6, 2021.

] I’m not just a believer in the Word of God; I am a student of the Word of God and a preacher/teacher of the Word of God.

] Nothing in my King James Bible persuades me that Republicans are worthy of more than scorn – not exclusively because of their betrayal of President Trump, but because of what they falsely pretended to stand for, when in fact they’re no different and no better than Democrats.