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Pepsi Gears Up To Launch Game Show Cherries Wild On Fox February 14.-

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Soda manufacturer Pepsi is getting into the content game and has announced it will be launching , a new game show slated to debut February 14 on Fox.

Created by Wes Kauble (Beat Shazam) and hosted by Jason Biggs (American Pie), ‘this fast-paced half-hour game show will feature two rounds of pop-culture trivia gameplay.

‘ According to the show’s official site, contestants will spin wheels to ‘attempt to capture all five wild cherries to win’ the $250,000 jackpot.

‘Consumers are in control more than ever,’ Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing at Pepsi told .

They can pay to eliminate ads with a subscription… [.

] And so, Pepsi is apparently trying to get in front of fans who won’t watch ads, and maybe won’t notice they’re watching a show with Pepsi branding influencing the set design, colors, and even ‘the shape of the buttons contestants press.

‘ Even more explicitly, reportedly each episode will feature a ‘Pepsi Wild Moment’ when a slot machine appears to ‘go haywire… and will serve as a prod for viewers to play at home.


] Previously, Fox and Pepsi had collaborated on a Pepsi-inspired storyline in the popular drama Empire, a three-week storyline where one of the characters nabs .