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Home News Rupert Murdoch Says He's 'Far From Done,' Criticizes 'Woke' Social Media.-

Rupert Murdoch Says He’s ‘Far From Done,’ Criticizes ‘Woke’ Social Media.-

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Rupert Murdoch vowed over the weekend that his career is ‘far from done’ as he railed against social media and its ‘awful woke orthodoxy.

The 89-year-okd News Corp founder and executive chairman received a lifetime achievement award from the Australia Day Foundation Saturday and made the comments during his prerecorded acceptance speech.

The clip was then posted to the website for the Herald Sun, which Murdoch owns, along with many other properties like Fox News and the New York Post.

The Australian-born mogul used his speech to go on a tear against social media.

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Addressing ‘those of us in media,’ he said he sees a ‘challenge’ in need of overcoming: ‘A wave of censorship that seeks to silence conversation, to stifle debate and ultimately stop individuals and societies from realizing their potential.


] Too many people have fought too hard in too many places for freedom of speech to be suppressed by this awful woke orthodoxy.

] Murdoch said in his speech, ‘A lifetime achievement award does have an air of finality, almost of closure, but I can assure you that there are many goals still to come and challenges to overcome.

] He then used his acceptance speech to rail against social media 🙄🙄#Auspol pic.