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Home News Vikings Creator Developing A Great Gatsby TV Show.-

Vikings Creator Developing A Great Gatsby TV Show.-

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Now that has come to a conclusion, with the final season premiering on Amazon Prime Video, the show’s creator has found his next project.

Michael Hirst is adapting The Great Gatsby as a miniseries.

The news comes from , which says the estate of author F.

Scott Fitzgerald is involved in the project.

Hirst is set to write and executive produce the miniseries, with Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s granddaughter, Blake Hazard, serving as a consulting producer.

Interestingly enough, Hirst–who also created the series The Tudors–has a long history with the novel.

In a statement, he said, ‘I seem to have lived with Gatsby most of my life, reading it first as a schoolboy, later teaching it at Oxford in the 1970s, then re-reading it periodically ever since.

He continued, ‘As the critic Lionel Trilling once wrote: ‘The Great Gatsby is still as fresh as when it first appeared, it has even gained in weight and relevance.


] ‘Michael brings a deep reverence for Scott’s work to the project, but also a fearlessness about bringing such an iconic story to life in an accessible and fresh way.

] Thus far, a network or streaming service has not signed on to air the project.