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SoMuchInfo is your AI-Powered news, business & tech website.
We aggregate the latest breaking news from the world.



We want to make it clear. We are not a news agency.
We aggregate content from other sources.

We process RSS content in a way we think will be revolutionary. We believe that we are defining a new way of consuming content with the full power of artificial intelligence.

The experience of prioritizing and consuming the latest and breaking news could be more fun and productive. Don't you think?

Also, we are very excited about the latest advances in our platform and want to share the good news with all our followers.

Innovative functions are now available:

  • Word Count / Reading Time
  • Sentiment Model (Score)
  • Subjectivity Analysis
  • Affirmation Analysis.
  • Entity Recognition Model: Persons, Organizations, Products, and many other entities are now available.
  • News Classification Model (we have work to do with this model, expect an update soon)
  • Relevant Concepts Recognition Model: Key Concepts, RAKE, Frequency, TF-IDF
  • Finally, you can read an IA-generated summary, selecting the most pertinent sentences of the news.

A work in progress, we think there is room to improve, but we are delighted with the progress.

We hope everybody enjoys the improvements and our work help to elevate the experience of reading news.

Will be glad to hear about your comments and questions! Feel free to contact us via email, facebook or twitter

Thanks for your support
SoMuchInfo.com Team