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Amazon blocked 10 billion counterfeit listings and spent $700M fighting fraud on its site last year

(Illustration via Amazon Brand Protection Report).The number is included in Amazon’s 2020 Brand Protection Report, its first-ever attempt at showcasing — for customers, legitimate brands and legis

SpaceX claims it will accept dogecoin as payment for an upcoming moon mission

A Canadian company called the Geometric Energy Corporation confirmed that it will pay SpaceX solely in dogecoin in order to secure a spot for an 88-pound satellite on a mission, called Doge-1, slated

Ritual vitamins became Insta-famous with for bright and informative ad

Ritual founder Katerina Schneider wants you to read the label.Her line of multivitamins for men, women, and teens/kids prides itself on having transparent source profiles and very limited ingredients.

Jeff Bezos’ superyacht is so big it needs its own yacht

The world's richest man is reportedly buying a boat, though that word feels inappropriately sensible for the monstrosity going to Captain Bezos: a 417-foot superyacht that's so massive it has its own

Scott Nemes to Lead IP Acquisition for Universal Studio Group

Universal Content Productions is shuffling up its structure a bit, adding former 20th Century Fox TV executive Jennifer Gwartz in a senior role and appointing Scott Nemes to head up IP acquisition.Ne

Jeff Bezos will reportedly join the billionaire boating class with a $500M luxury sailing superyacht

Jeff Bezos in Seattle in 2016.But at Bezos’ level of wealth, boats are actually called “superyachts,” and the Amazon founder and CEO is building a doozy.Bloomberg reported last week that Bezos i

Tesla’s Autopilot may not have been available at the time of the ‘driverless’ Texas crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a two-page preliminary report on the deadly crash of a Tesla Model S in Texas last month in which local authorities said there was no one in th

Autopilot could not have been engaged in fatal Tesla crash – TechCrunch

Tesla’s advanced driver assistance system known as Autopilot could not have been engaged on the stretch of road where a Model S crashed last month in Texas, killing the two occupants, according to a

NBC Says It Will Not Air the Golden Globes in 2022

NBCUniversal announced Monday that it would not broadcast the 2022 Golden Globes, an abrupt blow to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that puts on the film and television award

How does the International Entrepreneur Parole program work? – TechCrunch

Sophie Alcorn is the founder of Alcorn Immigration Law in Silicon Valley and 2019 Global Law Experts Awards’ “Law Firm of the Year in California for Entrepreneur Immigration Services.More posts by

ServiceNow leaps into applications performance monitoring with Lightstep acquisition – TechCrunch

This morning ServiceNow announced that it was acquiring Lightstep, an applications performance monitoring startup that has raised over $70 million, according to Crunchbase data.With Lightstep, the com

Ubisoft selects blockchain startup for its Entrepreneurs Lab

im, a blockchain-based storage and computing startup, has been selected to participate in the sixth season of Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab, offering further exposure to the emerging blockchain indust