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PlayStation Store won’t let you buy or rent movies and TV shows after August 31st

If you prefer buying all your movies and TV shows on the PlayStation Store, you won’t be able to do that for much longer.Fortunately, Sony confirms that anyone who has purchased movie or TV content

Flink, the Berlin-based grocery delivery startup that operates its own ‘dark stores’, raises $52M – TechCrunch

The on-demand grocery delivery industry in Europe (and beyond) continues to heat up amidst the pandemic, including a plethora of startups taking a vertical approach by operating their own delivery onl

China Banking Regulator Sees Risk From ‘Bubble’ in Real-Estate Prices

BEIJING—China’s chief banking regulator warned about rising risks from the country’s property sector and from global financial markets, underscoring Beijing’s focus on risk controls after a r

Lime e-bike batteries are being turned into portable speakers

A British sustainable design business is set to upcycle battery packs from Lime e-bikes and e-scooters and turn them into slick portable Bluetooth speakers.Now, Gomi is working with Lime to produce po

Humaans raises $5M seed to make it easier for companies to on-board and manage staff – TechCrunch

Humaans, a London-based HR startup, has raised $5 million in seed funding to accelerate the development of its employee on-boarding and management platform.Founded by former Qubit employees Giovanni L

Twitter will ban you for spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

As vaccines are rolling out across the world, Twitter wants to curb misinformation related to it by introducing a new strike system.The company said repeated offenders — accounts with five strikes

How to Choose the Right Clients for Your SEO Agency & Avoid Toxic Ones

Based on Verticals.Or perhaps you want to generate new business in line with industry trends, so you only focus on the exploding companies and their offer requests:.Edward Coram James talks about the

Jack Dorsey’s Square starts its own bank for merchants

Jack Dorsey’s financial company Square, which also owns mobile payment service Cash, has just opened up its own bank.According to the company, it’ll be called Square Financial Services, and launc

Hyzon Motors’ hydrogen fuel ambitions include two US factories – TechCrunch

Hyzon Motors plans to produce fuel cells, including a critical component required to power hydrogen vehicles, at two U.The hydrogen-powered truck and bus manufacturer has already leased a 28,000-squar

Roku’s advertising ambitions just got even bigger with new Nielsen deal

Roku, one of the most popular streaming platforms in US homes, is acquiring Nielsen’s video advertisement business as it tries to become a central hub for TV advertising.Specifically, Roku is acquir

Led by co-creator of Nintendo’s Power Glove, this startup raised $2M for its restaurant tech

-based startup Perfect Company just reeled in $2 million of a larger round to help grow its software and hardware products used by restaurants for kitchen prep, food pickup, and more.Perfect Company C

UTA Names Jean-Rene Zetrenne as Chief People Officer and Partner

UTA has named Jean-Rene Zetrenne its chief people officer to lead the agency’s human resources department and has also appointed him as a UTA partner.Zetrenne previously served as chief talent offi