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Amazon Warehouse Workers In Alabama Petition To Form A Union : NPR

Some workers at Amazon warehouses such as this one in the Staten Island borough of New York City have been trying to organize, facing stiff opposition from the company.toggle caption Johannes Eisele/

Noise-canceling headphone deals for Black Friday

Noise-canceling headphones are an important piece of tech if you enjoy having zero distractions or outside noise while you jam to funky tunes or listen to podcasts.But if you prefer earbuds over headp

‘Thumb-Stopping,’ ‘Humaning,’ ‘B4H’: The Strange Language of Modern Marketing.

Purpose-driven lifestyle brand: Blue Apron, Chipotle, Goop and Godiva have described themselves with this phrase.Snackable content: Short promotional videos made for smartphones and other devices.Solu

Amazon expands IP Accelerator to Europe after US SMBs register 6,000 trademarks – TechCrunch

As we head into the biggest shopping period of the year — which this year may well have an even stronger online component than usual because of Covid-19 — Amazon has launched its latest effort to

Jobless Claims to Show Pandemic’s Toll on the Economy: Live Updates

In Orchard Park, N.Unemployment filings have fallen significantly since last spring, when more than six million people a week were applying for benefits.Consumer confidence fell in November, the Confe

How a forced 17-hour time difference helped us master asynchronous work

As my co-founder and I roll into the eighth month of our “one-week visit” to Australia, it amuses me how a company so focused on meeting efficiency ended up being one of the strongest examples of

BIS Paper Says There’s Potential to Embed Regulation Into Stablecoin Systems

Regulatory responses to private, “global” stablecoins like Libra need to take into account the potential of the technology in payments, according to economists working at the Bank for Internationa

Instagram is Letting Advertisers Create Posts With Users’ Accounts

Instagram is giving advertisers the ability to publish sponsored posts from users’ accounts through an update to branded content ads.The ads look just like organic posts published from the user’s

Phil Spencer Laments Xbox Series X/S Preorder Problems

A lot of gamers are feeling frustrated with how hard it is to buy an Xbox Series X/S or a PlayStation 5 right now, and Phil Spencer recognizes that frustration.With many of customers’ issues coming

Filecoin storage tops 1 billion GB as tokenized FIL launches for use in DeFi

Cryptocurrency infrastructure providers Anchorage and Tokensoft are teaming up to wrap FIL, the native token of decentralized file storage network FIlecoin, for use on Ethereum.”.The news came on th

Altana raises $7M to protect supply chains from disruptions, child labor – TechCrunch

Supply chains used to be one of those magical elements of capitalism that seemed to be designed by Apple: they just worked.In short, supply chain managers suddenly went from one of those key functions

Be featured in The Great TechCrunch Survey of European VC – TechCrunch

TechCrunch is embarking on a major new project to survey the venture capital investors of Europe, and their cities.Our survey of VCs in Israel will capture how the country is faring, and what changes