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Shift Technology raises $220M at a $1B+ valuation to fight insurance fraud with AI – TechCrunch

While insurance providers continue to get disrupted by startups like Lemonade, Alan, Clearcover, Pie and many others applying tech to rethink how to build a business around helping people and companie

Jessica Alba Made $130 Million Today as Her Honest Company Went Public

With shares rising nearly 44%, the consumer goods brand founded by actress Jessica Alba is now valued at $2.Alba founded the brand in 2011 with the mission of democratizing clean living.6 million shar

Nick Clegg Steers Facebook’s Trump Decision

Facebook wanted Mr.Clegg had initially been reluctant to join Facebook, one of the world’s most polarizing corporations.In a memo outlining how he envisioned the role, he argued that it was unsustai

Applications for the TC Early Stage Pitch-Off July are open – TechCrunch

Early stage startups – now is your time to shine at the TechCrunch Early Stage event on July 8 and 9.This is part two of the highly successful event from April where top experts train and teach fou

Georgia’s central bank is exploring ‘Digital Gel’ CBDC

The National Bank of Georgia said that it is considering launching a central bank digital currency.In an announcement today, the central bank hinted at the issuance of a central bank digital currency,

Wisk Aero and Blade Urban Air Mobility partner to bring electric air taxi services to the skies – TechCrunch

Once the design, manufacturing and certification of electric aircraft is complete, urban air mobility companies face a cascade of logistical issues, including building an app that connect customers to

Opinion | The Side of Wall Street That Matters Most Is Begging for Infrastructure

Such moves would surely face resistance from lobbies.There are plenty of higher-wage labor markets in Europe and Asia that produce goods desired throughout the world.There is another, more punitive, w

T-Mobile continues to add subscribers as first quarter earnings beat estimates

Angela Lang/CNET T-Mobile topped analyst estimates for the first quarter of 2021, as it continues to add subscribers and build out its 5G network.On Tuesday the nation's second-largest carrier reporte

SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites, claims over 500,000 service pre-orders so far – TechCrunch

SpaceX has launched 60 more of its Starlink internet broadband satellites — on ‘Star Wars Day,’ no less, and only five days after it launched the last batch.SpaceX also shared updated figures ar

How to break into Silicon Valley as an outsider – TechCrunch

More posts by this contributor The lightning-fast Series A (that was 3 years in the making) Founders seeking their first check need a fundraising sales funnel Domm Holland, co-founder and CEO of e-com

UTA Elevates 100 Staffers Across More Than 30 Divisions

UTA on Tuesday promoted over 100 staffers across more than 30 divisions and multiple global offices, marking the most employees the agency has promoted at one time in the agency’s 30-year history.A

London’s Stride VC raised second $138.6M seed fund, hunts for third partner – TechCrunch

Stride VC, a London-based seed investment fund, has raised its second fund, which will be £100M ($138.The fund will invest primarily in London startups but also look at select European opportunities.