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SellerX raises $118M to buy up and grow Amazon marketplace businesses – TechCrunch

As Amazon’s Marketplace continues to grow and mature, a new opportunity has emerged in the world of e-commerce for a new breed of startups to consolidate the most promising of the smaller businesses

Greece’s Marathon Venture Capital completes first close for Fund II, reaching $47M – TechCrunch

Marathon Venture Capital in Athens, Greece has completed the first closing of its second fund, reaching the €40m / $47M mark.Marathon’s most prominent portfolio company is Netdata, which last year

Solidus Labs Launches Crypto Market Surveillance Tool in US

Market manipulation is one of the main concerns the U.However, a number of ETF applications have been rejected by the SEC, which has said the bitcoin market isn’t large enough to properly surveil.In

Why post-pandemic Ubers and Netflixes will be nothing like their predecessors

As distasteful as it may feel to discuss the future of unborn businesses while a virus is impacting and ending so many lives, history proves that the Facebook posts about shiny, new companies starting

97% off training bundle (UK deal)

Products featured here are selected by our partners at StackCommerce.TL;DR: The Ultimate Google Ads and SEO Certification Bundle is on sale for £37.Services like Google Ads and SEO can help raise bra

Oasis Network mainnet launches touting privacy for loans and genomes

Oasis Labs has announced the successful launch of its Oasis Network mainnet, with more than 70 independent validators already live.Oasis Labs says its “confidential compute” functionality enables

Snap concludes investigation into racial bias on content team

Snap said it has concluded an investigation into reports of racially insensitive incidents.In June, former Snap employees spoke out on Twitter and gave their account to Mashable of what they claim was

Affirm files to go public – TechCrunch

Affirm, a consumer finance business founded by PayPal mafia member Max Levchin, filed to go public this afternoon.Affirm recorded impressive historical revenue growth.In its 2019 fiscal year, Affirm b

Grab Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch) For $30 On Black Friday

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening was one of 2019's biggest Switch releases, but if you've yet to pick it up, Black Friday 2020 will be a great time to do so.The Switch exclusive will be discount

YouTube will run ads on some creator videos, but it won’t give them any of the revenue

Starting today, YouTube will begin running ads on some creators’ videos, but it won’t give them a portion of the ad revenue because they’re not big enough to be enrolled in its Partner Program.W

Mac-optimized TensorFlow flexes new M1 and GPU muscles – TechCrunch

A new Mac-optimized fork of machine learning environment TensorFlow posts some major performance increases.Although a big part of that is that until now the GPU wasn’t used for training tasks (!), M

Bella is a new challenger bank with a text-based interface – TechCrunch

Meet Bella, a new challenger bank launching on November 30th.First, you can interact with the app using keywords and text commands.Second, Bella is trying to build a community that helps each other to