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Tax System Favoring Central Park Co-ops and Brooklyn Brownstones Could End

Some homeowners would see relief under the plan. Mr. Shaw said that those who could pay less included some single-family homes in Queens and Staten Island and certain co-ops and condominiums in parts

This is the highest-resolution photo of the sun ever taken

Taken by the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in Maui, it gives us an unprecedented view of our nearest star and brings us closer to solving several long-standing mysteries.The new image demonstrates

OnePlus just took a big step toward supporting wireless charging in future phones

OnePlus’ smartphones are infamous for lacking support for Qi wireless charging —but the company has been spotted joining the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the standards group that handles the Q

YouTube’s algorithm seems to be funneling people to alt-right videos

A new study suggests what we’ve suspected for years is right: YouTube is a pipeline for extremism and hate.How do we know that? The groups: The alt-right is what’s traditionally associated with wh

Interior Dept. Grounds Its Drones Over Chinese Spying Fears

WASHINGTON — The Interior Department announced on Wednesday that it was grounding its entire fleet of drones out of concerns that Chinese parts in them might be used for spying, making exceptions on

Coronavirus outbreak: WHO says it’s now a global health emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak of the new coronavirus spreading quickly across China a global health emergency — a rare designation the agency gives disease threats th

Maze raises $2 million and adds Figma support to enable user testing at scale – TechCrunch

Maze wants to reinvent usability tests by letting you turn design prototypes into tests in just a few clicks. It could become the equivalent of a developing test suite for developers, but this time fo

Amazon now has more than 150 million Prime members after huge holiday season

Amazon released its fourth quarter earnings for 2019 today, and the company is touting big Prime subscriber numbers as one of the main contributors to a very successful holiday season. The company say

Gawker’s nemesis is working on a social network offering access to the rich

A proposed new social network is hoping to entice millions of people to pay to get close to superstars of technology, business, and academia, according to a pitch deck (pdf) sent to MIT Technology Rev

Amazon Prime now has more than 150 million members

Amazon is facing government investigations and activist protests across the globe, from the US to Europe to India. CEO Jeff Bezos announced on Thursday that the company’s Amazon Prime membership pro

Google searches for coronavirus will now show you safety tips

Searching Google for “coronavirus” will now send users to a curated search results page with resources from the World Health Organization, safety tips, and news updates, Google and the WHO announc

Amazon quietly publishes its latest transparency report – TechCrunch

Just as Amazon was basking in the news of a massive earnings win, the tech giant quietly published — as it always does — its latest transparency report, revealing a slight dip in the number of gov