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Houdini Power Air Houdi Review: An Environmentally-Friendly Hoodie

At WIRED, we often have microplastics on our minds. But in between debating whether to carry bamboo or stainless steel utensils to reduce waste or comparing the merits of different travel mugs, we oft

The Doomsday Clock Moves Closer Than Ever to Midnight

But the one thing that is measurable is the degree of inaction on climate change. As the US withdraws from the Paris climate agreement, the world as a whole has done little to meet the deadlines agree

An Esports Exodus to YouTube Reshapes the Livestream Wars

Today, YouTube announced that it will exclusively stream three...

Switch From Your Internet Provider’s Email to Something Better

You’ve had that old @twc.com email address ever since you signed up for cable internet years ago, and it has served you well. But those cable company-provided email services are far from the best on

Valve Swears ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Is Actually, Legitimately Done

Welcome to Replay, WIRED's rundown of all of the week's big videogame news. Grab a snack, lean back, and let's get to it.Valve Swears Half-Life: Alyx Is Actually, Really, Legitimately DoneValve does n

Does Personal Finance Still Work in Our Changing Economy?

This has a huge impact on how people deal with money,” Ms. Schneider said. While Ms. Schneider agrees that financial education is necessary and can be useful, she also worries that overemphasizing i

Patreon Can’t Solve Its Porn Pirate Problem

Last fall, a prolific photographer who asked not to be named noticed a sharp, unexplained drop-off in earnings on his Patreon page, where fans shell out cash for tiered subscriptions to his photos of

Sure, ‘The Goop Lab’ Is Absurd—but It Also Offers Hope

The first episode of The Goop Lab, Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Netflix show, opens in Jamaica. The sun beams, the crystalline water sparkles, and a group of Goop staffers sit cross-legged in a circle, lik

The Rise of Mouth Tech: Oral-B, AI Toothbrushes, Burst Oral Care

Stewart and Khayat teleconferenced in from Los Angeles, where they both live. To learn about Burst as a company is to ingest a mouthful of buzzworthy phrases. They’re a totally distributed office, w

This Week’s Cartoons: CAPTCHA Crisis, Twitter Divorce, and Inbox Zero

By Jeremy Nguyen, with cartooncollections.com/collections/wired" rel="noopener noreferrer">cartooncollections.com/collections/wired" rel="noopener noreferrer">cartooncollections.com/collections/wired"

The Strange, Subtle Matter of ASMR Erotica

His videos range from all types of role play, including “Naughty boyfriend,” “Shirtless boyfriend,” “Spanish boyfriend,” “Male burglar,” and “Hot Farting Stud With Bloated Gut.” Th

No, the Wuhan Virus Is Not a ‘Snake Flu’

Sharing data during an outbreak is vital for public health. But it can also lead to sensational, and even spurious, research, like a controversial new paper claiming that people probably picked up a n