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Meghan McCain endorses suggestion Bari Weiss fill in for her on ‘The View’ during maternity leave

'The View' co-host Meghan McCain has backed former New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss to take McCain's place on the talk show when she goes on maternity leave later this year.'.BARI WEISS: TWIT

News producer goes nuclear on network as ‘cancer’ as she quits

President Donald J.A news producer quitting a major American network is now scorching her network and broadcast news in general as a 'cancer' that is putting people's lives at risk, all because the pr

‘Te Doy La Vida’ Finale Puts Univision in a First-Place Tie With NBC

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “Titan Games” on NBC was still Monday’s highest-rated individual program, however.NBC and Univision tied for first in ratings, both with a 0.NBC was second in

CNN’s Brian Stelter ridiculed for claiming ‘right-wing media’ is behind push for Biden not to debate Trump

CNN's media guru Brian Stelter raised eyebrows after he said that 'mostly right-wing media' is behind the growing push for Joe Biden not to debate President Trump.On Monday, The New York Times sparked

Sean Hannity Under Fire After Trump Campaign Uses His Book For Fundraising

Fox News host Sean Hannity is under fire for crossing ethical lines after President Donald Trump’s campaign team offered signed copies of his forthcoming book in exchange for donations to the campa

Bari Weiss to Bill Maher: New York Times Is Shutting Out Half of the Country Now

On the July 31 Real Time with Bill Maher, former New York Times op-ed editor Bari Weiss described her fear of how our nation's so-called paper of record has now seemingly banned the opinions of ha

Disillusioned James Murdoch steps down from News Corp board

(LONDON DAILY MAIL) James Murdoch sensationally quit the board of his family's News Corporation media empire following a series of behind-the-scenes rows over the company's political stance – especi

James Murdoch resigns from the board of News Corp

A spokesperson for James Murdoch said there would be no further comment.A spokesperson for News Corp did not immediately respond to a request for comment.James Murdoch had already left his family's ot

Daily Caller experienced Google suppression, says Editor-in-Chief

(BREITBART) – Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll has said that the conservative news website has experienced Google search suppression similar to that reported by Breitbart News yesterd

Fox News reporter describes what officers face in Portland riots: ‘Debris and rocks and frozen bottles’

Fox News national correspondent William La Jeunesse joined the 'Fox News Rundown' podcast Thursday to detail his experience after he spent Monday night embedded with agents at Portland's federal c

Anderson Cooper Taunts Trump With Baby Talk For Fleeing News Conference

Anderson Cooper mocked President Donald Trump on Tuesday for fleeing a press conference rather than answer a question he didn’t like.Earlier in the day, Trump defended his decision to share a vide

Madonna shares same coronavirus video as Trump, Instagram flags: report

Instagram reportedly flagged a post on Madonna’s account Tuesday after the iconic singer reposted the same coronavirus video that was shared by President Trump that prompted Twitter to remove his t