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Opinion | Can We Put Fox News on Trial With Trump?

As America debates whether to hold former President Donald Trump accountable for inciting insurrection, what about his co-conspirator Fox News?.Fox helped sell Trump’s lie about a stolen election, p

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell botches attempt to fact-check Sen. Ted Cruz on Shakespeare quote

MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell was brutally mocked on Twitter Wednesday for her botched attempt to fact check Sen.'It's reminiscent of Shakespeare that it is full of sound and fury, and yet signifying

Can better corrections improve news readers’ trust?

For example, perhaps we can improve the corrections process so that readers are working — in crowdsourced fashion — to improve the accuracy of our news and information? .Most journalists know by

New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz says she regrets ‘error’ of claiming entrepreneur used ‘r-slur’

New York Times tech and internet culture reporter Taylor Lorenz has fully walked back her erroneous claim that business tech entrepeneur Marc Andreessen used incendiary language over the weekend.Lor

Now New York Times’ writer doxxes another reporter

Nikole Hannah-Jones of the 1619 project (Video screenshot).New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, who is famous for her promotion of her history-editing '1619 Project' that has been condemned by s

‘9-1-1’ and ‘Lone Star’ Ratings Rise in Week After Crossover

Fox’s “9-1-1” and “9-1-1: Lone Star” both grew in ratings the week following the network’s crossover event.The growth, combined with a lower-rated “Bachelor” episode on ABC, led Fox t

Fox News Asks Court To Dismiss $2.7 Billion Defamation Suit : NPR

Fox News wants a judge to throw out Smartmatic's defamation lawsuit against the news network.toggle caption Rafael Henrique/Getty Images Fox News wants a judge to throw out Smartmatic's defamation la

NY Times staffers reportedly clash in private Facebook group following ousting of veteran reporter

Staffers from The New York Times are reportedly clashing with one another following last week's resignation of veteran reporter Donald McNeil Jr.The Washington Free Beacon reported on Monday that a 'p

A West Virginia newspaper chain is suing Google and Facebook over digital ad revenue

The parent company of a West Virginia newspaper chain has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook and Google parent company Alphabet, alleging the platforms are siphoning away much-needed digital

A look at two prominent resignations from The New York Times

Two prominent journalists have resigned from The New York Times in recent days.The Daily Beast broke the story that McNeil, while serving as a guide on a Times-sponsored trip to Peru for high school

CBS All Access app had technical difficulties at the start of the Super Bowl

CBS All Access app appeared to be having problems as users tried to watch Super Bowl LV on Sunday.CBS All Access crashed right around #SuperBowl kickoff time, it's now telling subscribers 'The reporte

Lou Dobbs’ last show was a surprise to him and his viewers

'Join us here tomorrow,' he said at the end of the show.A day later, TV insiders are still abuzz about why it happened and what the decision augurs about Fox.Officially, Fox simply said that Dobbs' ba