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CBS Cancels Upfront Event, Will Present New Slate Digitally

CBS has canceled its in-person upfront at Carnegie Hall in New York amid the coronavirus outbreak.“We’ll miss Carnegie Hall and our agency dinners this year, but the health and safety of our clien

CNN’s Jim Acosta called hypocrite by critics after ‘xenophobia’ remark following Trump’s address

CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta was called a hypocrite by conservative critics after he declared that President Trump’s Oval Office address on the coronavirus crisis could be seen

Late Night Shows Nix Live Audiences Over Coronavirus Concerns

Beginning Monday, numerous late-night shows based in New York will suspend taping before live audiences in a move to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.NBC programs “The Tonight Show Starr

‘It’s Only March’: Colbert Reveals How 2020 Has Already ‘Done The Impossible’

Hindsight is supposed to be 20/20.Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warning that the outbreak will get worse and that daily life is about to change

‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber’s Mom Barb May Return To TV Before He Does

It’s very unlikely “Bachelor” star Peter Weber will be returning to the show anytime soon, but ABC executives wouldn’t mind working with his opinionated and passionate mom, Barbara Weber.“An

The Best and Most WTF Moments From The Bachelor Finale

Hello and welcome to the Barb Show.She loves Hannah Ann. She does not love Madison.It is not clear how she feels about her son at this juncture, but she certainly disapproved of his choices when it ca

Late night shows to go without live audiences as coronavirus spreads

As the coronavirus outbreak worsens, late night is going staff and guests only.On Wednesday, multiple New York-based productions — including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth

5 Short Netflix Shows To Watch If You’re Crunched For Time

Television shows are too long.Last week, I made the case that Netflix should either cut back on its hourlong shows (especially ones with long seasons) or offer subscribers the ability to watch in doub

Disney CEO Bob Chapek downplays ABC News’ scandals, ‘pervasive anti-conservative bias’

New Disney CEO Bob Chapek was confronted by an investor about ongoing issues at ABC News on Wednesday, but the high-powered executive brushed off the criticism, and the investor then blasted him for h

Netflix’s ‘On My Block’ gives a stellar cast an average season: Review

Brett Gray, Sierra Capri, Jason Genao, and Diego Tinoco in 'On My Block' Season 3.In Season 3 of Netflix's On My Block, every character has a moment of feeling stuck — stuck in a relationship, a fri

Disney+ quietly lands on India’s Hotstar ahead of launch date

Last night, Disney quietly uploaded its catalog of Disney+ original shows and movies to its Indian subsidiary Hotstar.For our India users we’re bringing the world’s best stories from the best stor

Mark Wahlberg Is Making A New TV Show About One Very Specific Person That He Knows Very Well

Actor Mark Wahlberg is creating a new show that focuses on one person in particular: Mark Wahlberg.The show will follow Wahlberg as he balances his acting life and growing his businesses.The show's of