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An Adult’s Guide to Social Skills, for Those Who Were Never Taught

Instead, Chris Macleod, counselor and author of “The Social Skills Guidebook,” suggests accepting that group conversations are a “vortex of noise and chaos” and go with the flow. Don’t spend

A ‘Captain Marvel’ Sequel Is in the Works

Welcome to The Monitor, WIRED’s roundup of all the biggest pop culture news around. Here we go.Marvel Is Working on a Captain Marvel SequelMarvel is getting back into the Carol Danvers business. Acc

A (Former) Night Owl’s Guide to Becoming a Morning Person

The world isn’t made for night owls.You struggle into work in the dark hours before 10 a.m. — or your morning coffee — and you’re greeted by some chipper person who has already been to the gym

Vibrators, oral sex simulators, and more

If you thought vibrators and dildos were your only option, you thought wrong. [...] By Leah Stodart2020-01-29 17:20:27 UTC If Instagram is to be believed, then self care for women basically amounts to

40+ ideas for the man in your life

AMAZON Amazon Fire TV Cube With the release of the Amazon Fire TV Cube, the retail giant is now looking to control your entire home entertainment system with just your voice. If the man in your life i