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The truth about Maddie Ziegler’s bond with her sister

When Dance Moms started filming, Maddie Ziegler was 8 years old and her sister Mackenzie Ziegler was 6.' Maddie said that she felt like she and Mackenzie had both missed out on a normal childhood.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets 14-Year-Old Son Moses A ‘Boob Puzzle’

Here’s one way to keep a teen from playing too many video games.Gwyneth Paltrow got her 14-year-old son Moses a jigsaw puzzle featuring sketches of breasts to keep him busy during their coronavirus

12-Year-Old Dancer Attacked in Missouri Gets Lift from Friends, Family and Fundraiser

Play video content Exclusive 7/3/20 Michael Crank Curry/Facebook .Ethan's mom says the remainder of the money raised will go toward his tuition at the Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio, in Cape Girardeau

Virginia parent knocks district’s ‘crazy’ reopening policy: ‘How long until our kids are able to learn?’

Fairfax County, Va.'I'm just saddened that it doesn't seem like there's a push to get kids back in school,' Condry, whose children are in elementary school, told host Laura Ingraham.Ingraham outlined

Death Come True – Hotel Hell

The experience of waking up with a foggy mind in a weird, unfamiliar hotel room is already distressing, but there are myriad ways it could be even worse.But the approach here is very different: Where

Former Miss Colombia Daniella Alvarez Dances Again After Recently Having Her Leg Amputated

Daniella Alvarez is dancing like everybody is watching.In the one-minute clip, the 32-year-old pageant queen can be seen dancing with her 'favorite partner,' who also happens to be her brother Ri

What the name Karen really means

It's not the name itself, it's the era that it represents.The name Karen has thus begun to represent a generation seen as particularly stuck in their ways and dismissive of younger generations.While t

Watch Dogs Legion PS4 Pre-Orders Are $40 For Some Reason

Ahead of Ubisoft Forward this coming Sunday, Watch Dogs Legion PS4 pre-orders have received a startling discount at Amazon.Normally priced at $60, Watch Dogs Legion is currently on sale for $40 at Am

When This Is Over | The New Yorker

When this is over, I will get off my damn phone already.I’ll donate time, money, and blood.But I’ll give money! And, come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t be giving away money until I’m to

Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR

Vincent Cox in the salon where he works that's reopened in Boston.toggle caption Chris Arnold/NPR Vincent Cox in the salon where he works that's reopened in Boston.When you're a man of a certain age,

The real meaning of The Ace Family’s new baby’s name

While the names of the couple's other two kids, Elle and Alaïa, start with letters found in 'Ace,' Steel's name breaks the mold a bit.Austin and Catherine explained that the name still fits, though,

Gross things your child does without you knowing

Kids have no qualms eating crackers off the floor, brownie crumbs found lodged in between couch cushions, or cereal from the mysterious depths of a mini van.In fact, sometimes children will purposely