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Did ‘The Mandalorian’ Just Ruin Baby Yoda With This Grogu Thing?

(Spoilers ahead for the “Chapter 13” episode of the Disney+ “Star Wars” series, “The Mandalorian”).I don’t know what I expected Baby Yoda’s name might be — to be honest, it’s not

Opinion | How to Cry With a Mask On and Other 2020 Dilemmas

Also, my masks didn’t fit.This was before mask makers began offering different sizes and the ones we had seemed to come in one-size-fits-all … for a horse.Last I checked, there were no size charts

Watch Stan Lee’s Hilarious Ode to the F-Word in Cartoon Form (Video)

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee might be gone but he is very much not forgotten.”.Also Read: Why Stan Lee Was a Great Gateway Drug for a Lifelong Comic Book Addiction.The clip, which features a carto

Here’s What the Thanksgiving Parade Looked Like in Pandemic New York

It’s a yearly Thanksgiving Day tradition: Millions of spectators crammed onto long city blocks, hanging over barricades and balconies or pressed against the windows of towering office buildings to w

McDonald’s sad tweet about happy meals causes concern among fans: ‘Do you need help?’

Fast-food normally doesn’t invoke deep thoughts.On Twitter, multiple chains will post absurd comments and jokes, likely in an attempt to stand out among the social media crowd.McDonald’s often po

Chrissy Teigen is in ‘grief depression hole’

She and her husband, singer John Legend, suffered the pregnancy loss of their third child, son Jack, in October and Teigen has shared their grief publicly, including photos from the hospital.'I'm not

From bullied to birdies: Haley Moore’s LPGA story resonates

Haley Moore will never forget the shot.Moore is a 22-year-old LPGA rookie from Southern California.Instead, she talks about her story openly, sharing what she went through and how it didn’t stop her

Joe and Jill Biden: Our most important Thanksgiving tradition

It may be for the loved one who can't travel or the parent stationed overseas.For the families of the Americans lost this year, that chair is another reminder that someone they love will never come ho

Suck at gifting? Let this GPT-3-powered bot recommend what to buy

More specifically, I urge you to try out GiftGenius, a handy AI concierge that claims to use the GPT-3 language model to recommend suitable gifts for everyone in your life.GiftGenius comes up with so

Dyson Black Friday Deal: The Cyclone V10 Stick Vac Is $150 off

A Dyson stick vacuum is a status item, but unlike a fancy handbag, it’s incredibly useful.Dyson regularly releases new stick vacuums and puts older models and different configurations on sale.The Cy

The Spurcycle bike bell is so nice, it might just be worth paying $49 for

Do you need a $49 bike bell? .Do I regret testing the Spurcycle bike bell, said $49 trinket? .I get that to some people, the idea of spending half a C-note on a bike bell is silly.But if you believe

This Free Minesweeper Bullet Hell Mash-Up Feels Very Appropriate For 2020

But we can find comfort in the little joys in life--like clever browser game Artemis' Minesweeper, which gives an old classic a new twist.Artemis' Minesweeper, which takes a classic game most of us ar