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Horny Bulldog Humps Groomer As She Tries to Cut His Nails

Play video content Kennedy News & Media .This doggone funny video comes from Shampoochie Pet Grooming in Granbury, Texas .Things were going smoothly at first for the young lady groomer, Kali Lande

‘Raccoon Dog’ Wandered Onto Army Base In Syria And Helped Center Soldier : NPR

Rumi is currently in quarantine in Iraq, and under the care of the Puppy Rescue Mission, she's getting healthy to meet her adoptive family at Fort Bliss, Texas.Courtesy of Puppy Rescue Mission hide c

Camila Morrone, Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, fosters dog while under coronavirus quarantine

Camila Morrone is snuggling up with someone special during her coronavirus quarantine and it's not her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio.The model, 22, decided to foster a dog while self-isolating at home a