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Florida animal rescuers save 20 dogs from Chinese meat market

A Florida animal shelter says it has helped rescue 20 golden retrievers from winding up on a meat market menu in China in a monthslong rescue operation involving volunteers on two continents.'I had a

West Virginia police give traffic violators gift cards instead of tickets

A West Virginia police department spread some holiday cheer this week by handing out gift cards instead of traffic tickets.Robert Yeager told WCHS that officers stopped drivers as usual for traffic v

Dachshund rescues chiweenie from mountain lion attack in Colorado

This dog might be small, but he’s got a big heart for his best friend.Their owners, Sarah Moore and Lindsay Golden, told 9 News that the dogs got out of the house through an open door and within sec

Missing dog from Kentucky found hundreds of miles away in Michigan after 3 years

This dog went through a rough experience, but her tale has a happy ending.The dog, Cassie, was stolen from Venes Mosier’s Kentucky home in a burglary just before Christmas 2017, according to the rep

Hello Kitty is getting a new, adorable Tamagotchi treatment

The newest Tamagotchi model from Bandai will let Tamagotchi owners use Hello Kitty to help them take care of their tiny pet.It will appear on screen to help feed the Tamagotchi pet (with milk or apple

This toothless Chihuahua is comforting scared patients at a California dentist office

Kismet, a 13-year-old Chihuahua and a big fan of treats and back scratches, spends her days at Corte Madera Family Dentistry, where she offers cuddles to patients who could use a little stress relief

Animal shelter throws rescue dog an epic birthday party complete with adorable photo shoot

This pup got a huge birthday bash., according to a Facebook post from the shelter.For his celebration, the canine got to do “all of his favorite things” including swimming in the pool, chasing ten

Navy veteran gets saved by pet Chihuahua after suffering a stroke

A North Carolina Chihuahua is credited with saving his owner’s life last week, according to a report from local news outlet WCTI.Navy Veteran Rudy Armstrong, 86, suffered a stroke in his North Carol

Orlando Bloom Says Beloved Dog Mighty is Dead

Orlando Bloom has ended his search for his beloved dog, Mighty, after finding his collar.Orlando posted a heartfelt message to all the folks who were concerned or who helped in the search .I feel so

Cat adoption: What are the costs?

When looking at adopting, Hannah Shaw suggests people turn to shelters instead of choosing free kittens from maybe neighbors or classified ads.So you want to bring home a new cat or kitten.When lookin

Horny Bulldog Humps Groomer As She Tries to Cut His Nails

Play video content Kennedy News & Media .This doggone funny video comes from Shampoochie Pet Grooming in Granbury, Texas .Things were going smoothly at first for the young lady groomer, Kali Lande

‘Raccoon Dog’ Wandered Onto Army Base In Syria And Helped Center Soldier : NPR

Rumi is currently in quarantine in Iraq, and under the care of the Puppy Rescue Mission, she's getting healthy to meet her adoptive family at Fort Bliss, Texas.Courtesy of Puppy Rescue Mission hide c