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These are the ‘cutest’ dog breeds based on ‘golden ratio’ beauty measuring theory

Every dog owner wants to believe their pup is the cutest, but apparently that’s not the case if you’re a believer in the golden ratio.uk have used the formula to rank the cuteness of 100 dog breed

Surveillance video shows woman jumping into frozen pool to save dog

A brave woman from Murfreesboro, Tennessee went through great lengths to rescue her dog.'I was going across the pool because I thought maybe he was swimming under the water…We think he went into sho

Tucker Carlson Complains COVID Masks Are Ruining the Environment

On his Fox News Monday night, climate change denier Tucker Carlson claimed to be concerned that efforts to stop the spread COVID-19 are ruining the environment.It is true that PPE supplies like masks

Texas Should Pay People’s Massive, Post-Storm Energy Bills, Houston Mayor Says

The mayor of Houston said Sunday the state of Texas should pay the exorbitant energy bills reported by many Texans following disastrous winter weather last week that knocked out power for millions.Ma

National forecast: With arctic air retreating, here is what to expect next

A much quieter weather pattern this week will be welcome news for millions, especially across the South where record cold, snow and ice made life miserable.Cities downwind of Lake Ontario could g

Oil spill leads Israel to close beaches as it faces one of its ‘most severe ecological disasters’

Blobs of sticky tar started washing up on the country's Mediterranean shores last week.'According to field assessments, it is evident that these complex and strenuous operations will be required to co

Ropeless Lobster Fishing Is Good News For Some Whales : NPR

Rob Martin, who has been fishing off his boat for the last 29 years, and his partner haul up a 150-pound end trap while ropeless lobster fishing in Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts.toggle caption Eve Zu

LIVE UPDATES: Texas, other Southern states warm as storm recovery begins

Warmer temperatures in Texas and other states in the South and Southwest brought relief after a brutal winter storm ravaged the region last week, leaving millions without power and dozens dead.Fast F

Texas weather: A final round of freezing temperatures strikes late Friday as the state struggles to rebound from winter storms

Saturday morning temperatures may be as low as 20 degrees for many inland locations, including Dallas and College Station, but the welcome return of onshore winds and full sunshine will warm the state

Opinion | The Lessons of the Texas Power Disaster

There is a great deal of nonsense being written and spoken about this week’s power failures in Texas, which left a number of people dead and millions without power or potable water, sometimes for da

Puppy hops fence into live weather report and awwwwww

However the rather jovial live report (complete with Cancún Cruz jokes) was interrupted when an absolutely huggable puppy ran right across the street and toward Barnard.'Forget the people we talked t

Texas now grapples with water crisis as power returns to nearly 2 million homes

The eyes of Texas turned to an emerging water crisis Thursday evening after electrical power had been restored to nearly 2 million homes -- though hundreds of thousands of residents remained in the