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Colonial Pipeline: A Vital Artery for Fuel

HOUSTON — The operator of a vital fuel pipeline stretching from Texas to New Jersey, shut down for days after a ransomware attack, said Monday that it hoped to restore most operations by the end of

Two college students had to be rescued when their boat made of plastic buckets and kiddie pools drifted out to sea

The duo set sail from Isla Vista at 2 a.The men, who are in their early 20s, did have an oar but it was no match for the ocean, said Eliason.The men were about 300 yards offshore when crews went out o

Two California college students rescued after getting stranded on boat made of buckets, kiddie pools

Two male college students were rescued off the California coast early Saturday after they were unable to return to shore in their makeshift boat, which was fashioned with buckets, duct tape and two

Fisherman Quits On The Spot When An Absolute Nightmare Emerges From The Water

A Florida fisherman’s efforts came to an abrupt end when he almost became the catch of the day.Footage posted on YouTube shows 22-year-old Tommy Lee fishing for tarpon in the Everglades on Saturday

Following whale deaths, Chilean researchers call for greater protections | Science

Scientists necropsy a fin whale killed by ship strike off central Chile in May 2018.“The only thing that can have that kind of impact on a blue whale—the largest animal on the planet—is a large

Utrecht will host world’s first vehicle-to-grid charging — it just needs the cars

Utrecht, a small city in the Netherlands, wants to be the first region in the world with a bidirectional ecosystem.By using vehicle-to-grid charging stations.Even though this technology is still at a

Renewable Energy Capacity Jumped 45% Worldwide In 2020; IEA Sees ‘New Normal’ : NPR

toggle caption Hector Retamal / AFP Workers next to solar panels in an integrated power station in Yancheng, China, in October.An unprecedented amount of renewable power came online in the fourth quar

Exceptional growth is the ‘new normal’ for solar and wind energy

Solar and wind energy growth soared in 2020 and is on course to keep catapulting upward.New renewable energy capacity — primarily solar and wind — made up a whopping 90 percent of the power sector

Biden Administration Greenlights Major Wind Project Off East Coast

The Biden administration on Tuesday granted final federal approval to the long-stalled Vineyard Wind project off the coast of Massachusetts, a first major action toward its goal of accelerating offsh

1,000 feral cats released onto Chicago streets to tackle rat explosion

A Chicago animal shelter is using feral cats to tackle the city’s rat problem.In an effort to rein in the explosion of rodents, the Tree House Humane Society kicked off a program to release feral fe

First commercial-scale offshore wind farm in the US gets federal approval

The first commercial-scale offshore wind project in the US just got the green light from the Biden administration.Big ambitions for offshore wind The Interior Department (DOI) granted the Vineyard Win

Football Fish: A monstrous-looking fish normally found thousands of feet deep in the ocean washed up on a California beach

The black colored creature with it's gaping mouth laid on the sand on the shore of Crystal Cove State Park's Marine Protected Area in Laguna Beach last Friday.The Pacific Football Fish is one of more