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Australian Shark Attacks Jump, Raising Questions

Though the jump in deaths is attention-grabbing, the chances of being mauled and killed by a shark are still extremely slim, experts say.Scientists are exploring solutions that include attaching LED l

15 of the best animal photos from 2020

It's stunning to see wild animals up close — especially when they're caught in the beauty of their natural surroundings.Agora, a photo app, challenged its users to submit their best animal pics of 2

How to Cook a Turkey

Free-range: This is a bird that is not raised in a cage and is free to graze on any grasses or grains it can find in its pen, which is generally considered a more humane and healthy poultry farming pr

Somalia Sees Strongest Cyclone Ever : NPR

The strongest tropical cyclone ever measured in the northern Indian Ocean has made landfall in eastern Africa, where it is poised to drop two years' worth of rain in the next two days.Tropical Cyclon

William & Kate Share Heartbreaking Death Of Their Dog

Kate Middleton's brother, James, also took to Instagram to share the news of Lupo's passing with a touching tribute and a remembrance of his own dog, Tilly.'It is with great sadness that Lupo, the be

Climate Change Is Intensifying the Tsunami Threat in Alaska

This story originally appeared in High Country News and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.On May 14, an Alaska Department of Natural Resources press release and a public letter from 14 scienti

Florida officials consider suggesting Burmese snakes taking over Everglades be eaten

Only in Florida.The Burmese python, which can often reach lengths approaching 20 feet, is overrunning the Florida Everglades, forcing officials to think outside the box, USA Today reports.The news out

US emissions plummeted this year – for all the wrong reasons

The good news: US greenhouse gas emissions are on track to fall 9% this year, marking the lowest levels of climate pollution in at least three decades, according to the research group BloombergNEF.The

Monstrous Hurricane Iota leaves scenes of disaster in Central America

2020 is playing some cruel cards.The incoming scenes from the more recent cyclone, Iota, depict a submerged airport, stranded people, and ravaged homes in Nicaragua, Honduras, and beyond.The vigorous

Electric cars aren’t clean — and it’s time the industry is honest about it

Last month, on World EV day, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath issued a statement that began with this line: “Electric cars are not clean.Electric vehicles do offer a route to climate neutrality, but i

Naya Rivera’s Ex Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit on Behalf of Son

About two hours after Naya and Josey left the dock on the rental boat, they decided to swim in the lake, which the documents stated was permitted at the time but is now banned.The paperwork claimed th

Baby Owl Found in Rockefeller Christmas Tree Doing Well

This is a real hoot -- a baby owl found nestled in the freshly cut Rockefeller Center Christmas tree should be soaring free in no time.It seems the owl's a bit of a Christmas miracle too, because Rav