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Naya Rivera’s Presumed Drowning Angers Locals Demanding More Safety for Swimmers

Naya Rivera's presumed death has angered locals who know the hidden perils of Lake Piru, and now they're demanding more protection for swimmers whose lives are at risk.More than TWELVE THOUSAND PEOPL

Good News: There’s Footage Of A Dog In A Mo-Cap Suit Working On The Last Of Us Part 2

But there's one thing we can all agree on--the dog they used for motion capture is a very good dog.Jeremy Yates, the lead animator on The Last of Us Part II, has shared a short, slow-motion video of a

Minnesota fisherman reels in 200 fish over 2-day trip

That’s a lot of fish.I experienced something that may never happen again.In 2 days of fishing I landed 60 walleyes over 25'.That includes 12-28' and 2-29' which are the biggest walleye that I have e

Odd pink snow in the Alps is pretty, but it might also be a red flag

Pink Snow as seen in the Presena glacier.Miguel Medina/Getty Images Pink snow, also called 'watermelon snow,' has appeared at the Presena glacier in northern Italy, according to researcher Biagio Di

There’s no quick fix for climate change

It could take decades before cuts to greenhouse gases actually affect global temperatures, according to a new study.Be ready for the long haul Specifically, 2035 is the year we might expect to see res

Energy Companies Cancel $8 Billion Appalachian Trail Pipeline Project

An $8 billion project to run a 600-mile-long natural gas pipeline under the Appalachian Trail has been canceled., the companies behind the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, announced Sunday that they were shu

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Canceled as Delays and Costs Mount

Two of the nation’s largest utility companies announced on Sunday that they had canceled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which would have carried natural gas across the Appalachian Trail, as delays and

Miami broke its all-time heat record for June, but no warnings were issued. Here’s why

On the same day, a high temperature of 91 degrees was recorded in Topeka, Kansas, and a heat advisory was issued.Yes, but every National Weather Service (NWS) office has different criteria for heat ad

Australian shark attack: man killed by shark while spearfishing near Queensland’s Fraser Island

The man was spearfishing in the waters off Indian Head when he was bitten by a shark.In April, Queensland wildlife ranger Zachary Robba, 23, was killed by a great white shark also near Indian Head.The

Severe Flooding in Southern Japan Swamps Nursing Home

Torrential rains in southern Japan caused widespread flooding and mudslides on Saturday, with at least 15 people feared dead as officials warned 75,000 residents to evacuate.The public broadcaster NHK

A Bird’s Epic Migration Stuns Scientists and Wins Online Fans

This story originally appeared in The Guardian and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.Along with one oriental cuckoo and three other common cuckoos, each fitted with a tiny tracking device, he

Fortnite Dataminers Claim To Have Found New Ruin-Themed Area

As reported by Polygon, dataminers claim to have identified a new area filled with ruins that will be revealed as the water recedes.The leaks suggest that the new ruins area will also be revealed as t