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E.P.A. to Sharply Cut Powerful Greenhouse Gases

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday will take its first significant step to curb climate change, an agency spokesman confirmed, moving to phase down chemicals used in refriger

Tornado causes damage in Tupelo, Mississippi, residents advised to take cover

A 'potentially significant' tornado was confirmed on the ground and moving across the city of Tupelo, Mississippi, about 115 miles southeast of Memphis, Tennessee, on Sunday evening.'This is a life

Tupelo tornado: A large and destructive tornado has touched down in Tupelo, Mississippi

The National Weather Service in Memphis posted a series of tweets warning people to take shelter as the damaging tornado tore through the city.The mayor's office warned residents to stay home followin

Colorado Woman Killed In Apparent Bear Attack While Walking Her Dogs

A Colorado woman walking her dogs was found dead near her home in what appears to be a bear attack, wildlife officials reported.The body of the 39-year-old unidentified woman was discovered near Dura

Colorado woman found dead near home from apparent bear attack, wildlife officials say

A Colorado woman was found dead Friday from an apparent bear attack in the southwestern part of the state, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife.He believed she had been walking the dogs before she

Why Australia’s trucks might go electric sooner than cars

Australia’s trucking industry is making moves to go electric.The latest development — a system for using swappable batteries instead of time-consuming recharge stations for long-haul trucks betwee

Americans brace for severe storms, flash floods and possible tornadoes

On Sunday, showers and thunderstorms will move through areas of California and portions of the desert Southwest.Over 150 severe storm reports came in last week across the country, and some of those sa

6,000-Year-Old Dog Remains Found On Arabian Peninsula : NPR

As archeologists in Saudi Arabia excavated an ancient tomb last year, they were surprised to find the remains of a dog buried alongside humans some 6,000 years ago.'Suddenly it dawned on us: Wow, do

China and the Climate – The New York Times

When I was last in China, in 2019, I met an entrepreneur named Gao Jifan, who told me a story that I’ve been reflecting on during President Biden’s climate summit this week.Clinton’s initiative

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Opinion | Why Biden’s Climate Summit Is Overhyped

The storyline will be big, ambitious goals for reduced emissions and a renewal of U.Kerry got verbiage from the Chinese about tackling climate change “with the seriousness and urgency that it demand

Earth Day 2021: Dalai Lama and dozens of other Nobel Prize laureates call for fossil fuels to be phased out

The 101 Nobel laureates have written to Biden and those attending the meeting on Thursday, urging them to take concrete steps to phase out fossil fuels in order to prevent catastrophic climate change.