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This Texas restaurant is offering free meals to those in need. Again

Want more inspiring, positive news? Sign up for The Good Stuff, a newsletter for the good in life.'.Chudasma, who immigrated from India over two decades ago, posted on the restaurant's Facebook page i

Texans with disabilities left vulnerable after deep freeze

Disaster response plans often fail to include people with disabilities, and the deadly deep freeze that swept across Texas and much of the mainland US last week was no exception.This isn’t our fault

You SHOULD wave at the end of video calls — here’s why

It’s been brought to my attention that some people think you shouldn’t wave at the end of video calls.We’ve been running on video calls for almost a decade, and we’re all big end-of-meeting wa

Gemini collaborates with The Giving Block and others, adds donations option

United States crypto exchange Gemini has added a way for customers to donate crypto to over 100 nonprofits worldwide via The Giving Block.com/donate-bitcoin where they can choose to donate to any of t

The Truth About Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s New Commonwealth Project

Meghan and Harry are taking action in the wake of their renewed commitment to service despite the order from London by signing onto a new project.According to People, just days after the royal shakeu

SpaceX announces second crew member of its all-civilian space mission

Hayley Arceneaux, a physician assistant at St.She will orbit Earth for up to five days in the Crew Dragon capsule as part of the Inspiration4 mission.Crew members are being selected based on “missio

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry will no longer serve as patrons for some organizations

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will no longer serve as patrons for several organizations following the confirmation of their royal exit.In a statement issued by Buckingham Palace on Friday, it was rev

The Year People Needed Carnival the Most, It Was Canceled

Loyal enthusiasts on what they missed in a year they needed Carnival the most.After a year of racial reckonings, the celebration of Carnival — which provides a much-needed release for many revelers

Alex Trebek’s Wardrobe Is Donated to Formerly Incarcerated Men

When he died in November, Alex Trebek left behind legions of fans who knew and adored him as the quick-witted host of “Jeopardy!” for 37 years.“The Doe Fund made perfect sense since these are gu

This startup is using AI to eradicate malaria

The company’s tech focuses on larviciding, a method of treating the water bodies in which the insects breed.In conventional operations, fieldworkers can easily miss some of the vast quantities of w

Reimagining the path forward for the formerly incarcerated at TechCrunch Sessions: Justice – TechCrunch

Reentering society after having been incarcerated by the criminal justice system can be daunting.At TechCrunch Sessions: Justice on March 3, we’ll examine the importance of opportunities for returni

Mark Hamill Mocks Anti-Maskers In Dr. Seuss-Like Children’s Book

Actor Mark Hamill saved the universe from Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” series, but he faces an even more daunting challenge during the coronavirus: getting anti-maskers to take COVID-19 serious