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France Encourages Use Of Transparent Masks To Help Those With Hearing Loss : NPR

Suzy Margueron (seated, center) who advocates for people with hearing loss, likes to gather with friends in Paris' Luxembourg Gardens.toggle caption Eleanor Beardsley/NPR Suzy Margueron (seated, cent

A trillion-dollar opportunity for the taking

With today’s technological and medical advancements, quality, affordable healthcare should be a basic human right: healthcare for every single person, no matter their socioeconomic level or geograph

Dozens of farmers put their own harvesting on hold to cut 1,000 acres for a farmer who suffered a heart attack after his combine...

In the stress of the event, Unhjem went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital.Around 60 farmers in Divide County put their harvesting on hold to help the Unhjems, using all their own equi

Majority of Europeans would consider human augmentation, study finds

Almost two-thirds of Europeans would consider augmenting their bodies with tech, according to new research from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky.A whopping 81% of Italians said they’d consider human a

Indian Premier League: The once homeless street vendor set to make Rajasthan Royals debut

The teenager has experienced more of life's ups and downs than many young men his age.At the time, the inexperienced Jaiswal was not signed, but years later the franchise would come back for the left-

A Humanitarian Crisis in Greece

Listen and subscribe to our podcast from your mobile device:Via Apple Podcasts | Via Spotify | Via Stitcher.Already frustrated at the deplorable conditions, inhabitants’ anger was compounded by coro

TechCrunch statement on sweep at our venue – TechCrunch

There have been a couple of articles published in the last two days reporting on an impromptu sweep that took place outside of a venue we are using for our TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco th

Charles Hoskinson’s treasury concept is about to get its first real-world test drive with ‘Project Catalyst’

IOHK has distributed $250,000 worth of ADA to Project Catalyst.According to IOHK’s press release, Project Catalyst is expected to control $70 million worth of Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency in the f

Homage’s Gillian Tee on how technology can serve the world’s aging population – TechCrunch

It’s always a pleasure to chat with Homage co-founder and chief executive Gillian Tee because of her nuanced take on how technology can help elderly and other vulnerable people.Launched in Singapore

Bill Gates Sr., 1925-2020: Microsoft co-founder’s father made his own mark on Seattle and the world

, a respected lawyer, devoted civic leader, trusted mentor, and influential philanthropist who helped to shape Seattle’s tech industry even before his son co-founded Microsoft, died Monday of Alzhem

Amber Heard, Tina Knowles Lead Effort for Habitat for Humanity

Amber, Tina and Lance are just some of the many celebs who are helping the org raise awareness and funds through a social media campaign dubbed #Hammertime.The funds will help build homes during the

Bill and Melinda Gates: Here’s what it will take for the world to escape COVID-19 ‘catastrophes’

Bill Gates talks about the onset of COVID-19 in the early days of the global outbreak at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop).Bill and Melinda