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Trump administration launches new campaign to reduce high suicide rates

The Trump administration launched a broad national campaign Tuesday aimed at reducing high suicide rates, urging the public to reach out to others, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, and ackn

Dogecoin Gains 20% Amidst TikTok Pumping Challenge

Crypto asset Dogecoin (DOGE) has leapt 18% in 24 hours and almost 20% over the past week.The price action is happening against the backdrop of a viral TikTok challenge that encourages users to pump th

Medical expert: ‘Told you so’ about lockdowns being a mistake

A renowned medical expert said recently it's a mistake to use mass and long-term lockdowns against COVID-19, because of the possible impacts.He said, at the time, those state-ordered lockdowns could

Covid-19 Is Accelerating Human Transformation—Let’s Not Waste It

Back when we started WIRED magazine, it was all digital, all the time.Human biology wasn’t exactly on our radar, except in science fiction, where pandemics always seemed du jour.LIFE to track the wa

Facebook makes education push in India – TechCrunch

Facebook, which reaches more users than any other international firm in India, has identified a new area of opportunity to further spread its tentacles in the world’s second largest internet market.

5-year-old raises over $3K in lemonade-stand money for firefighter injured in shooting

Sometimes all it takes to positively impact someone's life when tragedy strikes is a little bit of lemonade and a whole lot of heart.The gunman took Ratliff-Penton's life that evening and injured Buff

Opinion | To Be Hungry in the Middle of the Pandemic

In the best of times, life in New York City can be unforgiving.Before the pandemic, at least a million families in New York City were already struggling.Mayor Bill de Blasio estimates that at least tw

Why Some Young People Fear Social Isolation More Than COVID-19 : Shots

toggle caption Cory Clark/NurPhoto via Getty Images Youth from across Philadelphia gathered in front of City Hall June 9 to protest police brutality and voice their concerns and vision for the future.

Backyard cookouts go virtual for July 4th holiday

Just as the nation makes progress toward reopening – following the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns – one group is promoting a nationwide backyard cookout and the need to 'invite some

Vulnerability in Ravencoin Creates Extra 1.5% of Maximum Supply for Hackers

A vulnerability in Ravencoin (RVN) resulted in the unsanctioned minting of about 1.Ravencoin said it notified law enforcement in hopes of catching the unknown perpetrators of the exploit, though given

Duffy writes letter to Netflix to remove ‘365 Days’

Singer Duffy is calling for Netflix to remove a controversial international film from its platform, saying that it 'glamorizes the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping rape.”.In an open

Festo’s latest biomimetic robots are a flying feathered bird and ball-bottomed helper arm – TechCrunch

You could be excused for thinking that German robotics company Festo does nothing but put together fabulous prototype robots built to resemble kangaroos, jellyfish, and other living things.They do in