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Nevada caucus will use new ‘iPad tool’ they swear isn’t an app

Oh lordy, here we go again. The Nevada State Democratic Party is planning to use a new app for the state's caucus on Saturday, Feb. 22, just days after it abandoned the app that threw the Iowa caucus

‘Do Not Make Any Loud Noises’: A Thai Soldier’s 18-Hour Shooting Rampage

The gunman was bitter and lugging weapons stolen from a military base. It ended with hundreds of shoppers fleeing for their lives, their shoes slapping on the mall’s white tile floors as gunshots cr

Chicago teenagers charged with murder in death of store owner during attempted robbery

Two teenagers in Chicago have been charged with first-degree murder after a store owner was fatally shot Friday during an attempted robbery, authorities said.The Chicago Police Department told FOX32 t

Bronx N.Y.P.D. Shootings: 2 Officers Wounded in Targeted Attacks

A gunman went on a rampage against the police in the Bronx, officials said on Sunday, carrying out brazen attacks against officers in a patrol van and a precinct station house that left two wounded an

They’ve Both ‘Won Every Race’ So Far, and Want a Win in New Hampshire

HANOVER, N.H. — There is some disagreement on whether the post-debate glow of Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota should be called “Klomentum” or a “Klobucharge,” but whatever the terminology

With primary two days out, Sanders leads followed by Buttigieg in latest polls in NH

Biden zings Buttigieg: 'This guy's not a Barack Obama'Former Vice President Joe Biden, coming off a lackluster fourth-place finish in Iowa and sliding in the latest polls in New Hampshire ahead of the

Sophie Turner, Corey Hawkins Are Stranded, Freezing and ‘Truly Screwed’ (Video)

Sophie Turner, a.k.a. the Queen in the North, is back in the cold in Quibi’s first teaser for its upcoming thriller “Survive” — only this time the “Game of Thrones” alum isn’t fighting W

US Crypto Taxes Are a Nightmare. Could These Proposals Help?

The best Sundays are for long reads and deep conversations. Show gathered to discuss the US tax treatment of "Virtual Currencies" and how scams find a home wherever opportunity exists, at least for a

A Weekend at Concours d’Lemons, the World’s Worst Car Show

Pebble Beach Car Week is the worst. Crowds, traffic, rich old dudes showing off their expensive toys—it’s an altar to fossil fuel-powered excess. Like other sane people, I knew to steer clear of t

Irish election yields a three-way tie — and a Sinn Féin surge

Exit polls show Ireland’s three major political parties are virtually tied after Saturday’s general election, a result that revealed waning support for center-right ruling party Fine Gael and dram

Arnon Mishkin: NH and Iowa matter – here’s why they’re worth keeping but could be endangered

Here’s the dirty little secret of the New Hampshire primary, as well as the Iowa caucuses. The establishments of both parties really don’t like either. If they had their druthers, they’d quickly

Why Harley Quinn Became a Bernie Sanders Supporter in ‘Birds of Prey’

This article contains only a minor spoiler for “Birds of Prey”) “Birds of Prey” is one of those movies that’s just so full of stuff. Every frame is packed with weird details, and every scene