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Pompeo Mixes Tough Talk on China With Reassurance to U.K.

LONDON — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared the Chinese Communist Party “the central threat of our times” on Thursday, even as he sought to talk up the prospects of a United States trade de

EU lawmakers take fresh aim at Apple’s Lightning connector with latest e-waste push – TechCrunch

The European parliament has voted overwhelmingly for tougher action to reduce e-waste, calling for the Commission to come up with beefed up rules by July 2020. Specifically, the parliament wants the C

Administration Offers Plan for Medicaid Block Grants, Long a Conservative Goal

The plan — called “the Healthy Adult Opportunity” — comes after Ms. Verma and other Trump administration officials spent months trying to figure out how they could legally approve an alternati

CloudTrucks raises $6.1 million to help truckers run their businesses – TechCrunch

After selling autonomous driving startup Scotty Labs to DoorDash just five months ago, entrepreneur Tobenna Arodiogbu is back with a new startup. This time, he’s focused solely on truck drivers and

Bird finally deploys the Bird Two scooter – TechCrunch

Bird is rolling out its Bird Two scooters, which the company first unveiled back in August, via Scoot in San Francisco. Scoot’s plan is to deploy up to 1,000 of these Bird Two scooters. With each ne

Opinion | Every Time Palestinians Say ‘No,’ They Lose

Regarding President Trump’s peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the instant conventional wisdom is that it’s a geopolitical nonstarter, a gift to Benjamin Netanyahu and an electoral p

Hummer to officially return as electric SUV

Hummers are back with a jolt. General Motors' Hummer vehicle line ended in 2010, but this weekend it'll return with an electric twist. The massive vehicle is now an all-electric SUV from GMC, and the

Success Kid’s Mom Won’t Stand for Steve King’s ‘Meme’ Ad

Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) wanted supporters to fund his memes—but he may end up paying for them instead. King’s campaign had used the famous image of Griner’s son for an ad, emblazoning

Japan Seeks Arrests of 3 Americans Accused of Helping Ghosn Escape

TOKYO — Japanese prosecutors on Thursday issued arrest warrants for three Americans suspected of helping former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn flee the country, where he was awaiting trial on charges

Pepe the Frog gets dissected in internet culture doc ‘Feels Good Man’

Pepe the Frog may not be able to explain everything about these trying times. But Feels Good Man finds the little cartoon amphibian at the crossroads of a whole lot of it. Directed by Arthur Jones, th

Berkeley Law School Drops Boalt Name Over Racist Legacy

Here’s the sign-up, if you don’t already get California Today by email).The name “Boalt Hall” is set to be removed today from the University of California Berkeley’s law school after a years

U.S. Economy Grew at 2.1% Rate in Fourth Quarter

The American economy turned in a weaker annual performance last year than in 2018, held back by developments that set the stage for slower growth to come.Gross domestic product — which measures the