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‘Fear-Free’ Pets Make for Happier Pets, and Owners

Managing pet anxiety can in some cases be straightforward, veterinarians say, once medical reasons have been ruled out. Anti-anxiety medications and desensitizing techniques can help.“Some of what w

Helicopter in Kobe Bryant Crash Wasn’t Certified to Fly in Poor Visibility

LOS ANGELES — When the helicopter carrying the basketball legend Kobe Bryant crashed into a fogbound mountainside on Sunday, killing all nine people onboard, the pilot who was struggling to avoid th

Maisie Williams and Audi turn Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ into Super Bowl ad about ditching gasoline cars

Audi is too — ICE, as in the “internal combustion engine,” which Audi wants customers to “Let It Go” in proper Frozen fashion in its new Super Bowl advertisement promoting its E-Tron Sportba

‘The Good Place’ Finale Finds the Meaning of Life: ‘Yep, Nailed It’

Michael Schur swears he didn’t name Michael, the avuncular architect played by Ted Danson on Schur’s metaphysical sitcom, “The Good Place,” after himself. The character was actually based on S

Impeachment trial: Democrats questioned Trump’s lies, sexual misconduct

Senators finally got to participate in the impeachment trial on Wednesday — and they did not hold back. For eight hours, senators were able to ask House impeachment managers and President Donald Tru

Opinion | Day 9 of Trump’s Trial: Tedium and Tea-Leaf Reading

At the risk of sounding critical, the second day of Q.

New York Times’ Ben Smith interview about his move from BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith is leaving for the New York Times for many reasons. We can easily insert Trump into any conversation about anything, but this one happened organically during my chat with Smith

The DOJ Is Finally Suing US Telecom Providers for Robocalls

The US Department of Justice has filed lawsuits (PDF and PDF) against two small telecommunications providers that have allegedly connected hundreds of millions of fraudulent robocalls from Indian call

Trump Lawyer’s Impeachment Argument Stokes Fears of Unfettered Power

WASHINGTON — When a lawyer for President Trump suggested to senators this week that whatever a president does in pursuit of re-election is inherently in the public’s interest, the moment crystalli

Trump Ally Held Event Handing Out Cash in a Black Community

WASHINGTON — A nonprofit organization run by one of President Trump’s most prominent African-American allies recently held an event in a black community where it promoted Trump administration poli

To Truly Move On, the Astros Needed Dusty Baker

When Dusty Baker flew to George Bush Intercontinental Airport last week to meet with executives of the Houston Astros, two reporters greeted him at baggage claim. They asked Baker if it would be tough

John Roberts refused to read Rand Paul’s impeachment question trying to name the whistleblower

Chief Justice John Roberts on Thursday refused to read a question from Sen. Rand Paul that appeared intended to out the whistleblower whose complaint eventually led to the impeachment investigation. T