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Opinion | Trump’s Best Case Against Impeachment

Listen and subscribe to our podcast from your mobile device:Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Play | RadioPublic | StitcherPresident Trump and his impeachment trial lawyers haven’t tried to mount a

Opinion | Weinstein’s Walker – The New York Times

Harvey Weinstein’s walker is playing a featured role at his trial. The decrepit-looking Mr. Weinstein, body hunched as he slowly rolls forward, contrasts sharply with his former image as a domineeri

Impeachment trial: The hypocrisy of Pam Bondi’s role on team Trump

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has become something of a punchline during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in her role as the defense team’s Hunter Biden specialist. Over the

Fotis Dulos, Accused of Killing Jennifer Dulos, Is Dead

Fotis Dulos, the Connecticut man accused of murdering his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos, last May in a case that received national attention, died on Thursday, his lawyer said, two days after he atte

NASA is trying to save Voyager 2 after a power glitch shut down its instruments

Last Saturday, Voyager 2’s software shut down all five of the scientific instruments onboard because the spacecraft was consuming way too much power. Engineers at NASA don’t know what triggered th

Millions of people fell for crypto-Ponzi schemes in 2019

Cryptocurrency scammers raked in $4.3 billion worth of digital money in 2019, more than triple 2018’s haul. That’s according to the latest in a series of recent data drops by blockchain analytics

Facades on 1,400 Buildings in New York Are a Threat to Pedestrians

The warning from the New York City building inspector was blunt. Many line the city’s most heavily trafficked sidewalks, from luxury condo towers near Central Park to office buildings in Midtown Man

Opinion | The Supreme Court’s Collapsing Center on Religion

Parents who were using the scholarships at religious schools sued in state court after the state’s Department of Revenue issued a rule requiring the program to conform to the Constitution’s no-aid

Biden Push for Labor Support Is Burdened by Obama-Era Baggage

Other labor leaders, while citing shortcomings of the Obama presidency, say Mr. Biden was an advocate for their interests within the administration. Teachers’ unions were furious after Mr. Obama pub

Farewell to NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and Its 16 Years of Discovery

On Thursday, NASA’s Spitzer space telescope will sign off and go silent. It gave us new views of distant galaxies, newborn stars and nearby exoplanets, as well as of asteroids, comets and other obje

Bernie Sanders Is Still Sad About the Dodgers

Children learned arithmetic by calculating player batting averages, Mr. Sanders said. They cheered the league’s first black player, Jackie Robinson, and the left-handed pitcher Sandy Koufax, who was

Opinion | The Future of American Politics

Men and women are primarily motivated by self-interest. In a system based purely on competitive individual self-interest, those who are advantaged get to race out further ahead year by year. The sense