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Seattle Sideshow Results in Cars Hitting Members of the Crowd

If you thought people getting hit by dangerously spinning cars would stop a good old-fashioned sideshow .Check out this wild scene that unfolded near the Space Needle Saturday night, where dozens of

Skimpy ‘Tiger King’ Halloween costumes were pretty much inevitable, weren’t they?

Yandy, the online clothing retailer famously responsible for skimpy Halloween costumes inspired by Mr.Rogers and the Popeyes chicken sandwich (for real), is now peddling a couple of revealing Hallowe

Bear Wakes Up Massachusetts Man Sleeping Poolside

Play video content Ring.com/Matt & Dawn Bete .Matt Bete was chilling out and catching some Zzz's Saturday in his Greenfield, MA home when a black bear got into his backyard.A Ring camera captured the

Watch: Electric Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 loses drag race to gas-powered Mustang, but bests Chevy

Talk about a show pony.The drag car is powered by a pair of twin Cascadia Motion electric motors that Ford Performance has tweaked to deliver 1,502 wheel horsepower to the rear slicks through a 3-spee

Two Mississippi boaters reel in a massive one-eyed alligator weighing over 477.6 pounds

'I said, we have a dinosaur, this thing is huge!' John Ladner told CNN.The two were in Ladner's 14-foot jon boat and knew the seven-footer would be a perfect fit.and just saw a gator eye and said, 'It

Goat Breaks Into Deputy’s Patrol Car, Eats Her Paperwork!

Play video content Douglas County Sheriff's Office/Facebook .A Georgia cop came face-to-face with Billy Gruff himself after leaving her patrol car door open, which left her work papers ripe for the pi

NYC Street Fight Between Rat and Pigeon Broken Up by Man with Pipe

Play video content .All this video is missing is a UFC Octagon, and it looks like the rat was about to make the pigeon tap out .The bird was flapping its wings, desperately trying to get out of the ra

Crazy Video as Doctor Pulls 4-Foot Snake Out of Woman’s Throat

Play video content .The horrifying video was taken in Russia where doctors treated a woman who was rushed to the hospital saying she was not feeling well.She had claimed -- brace yourself -- a snake s

Black Bear Climbs Up Porch, Pulls Off Amazing Flying Leap into Tree

Play video content Storyful .A family in Maggie Valley, NC captured this incredible scene of a black bear cub yanking itself up onto their deck -- which appears to be pretty high off the ground -- bal

Man Freaks Out at Chinese Restaurant Over Delay

Play video content Amanda Toms/Facebook .The man was at the Chinese Garden restaurant in Blind Bay, British Columbia when he exploded at the waiter for taking way too long to place his order.The perso

Naked Man Blocking Traffic Gets Knocked Out Cold

A completely naked man blocking traffic got more than he bargained for when an annoyed driver got out of his car and delivered a surprise right hook.Something really gratifying about seeing a naked g

Dramatic Crash Rescue Caught on Video When SUV Slams into City Bus

Play video content Storyful .That explains why the driver also kept his foot on the gas pedal.Good Samaritans frantically jumped into action, with one man literally punching the SUV's passenger's side