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Belgian farmer made France smaller by accident when he moved a rock: Report

It wasn’t an ordinary rock.But, it turned out the rock was actually a marker that served as a divider for France and Belgium, according to the BBC.A Belgian farmer reportedly moved a border demarcat

India’s richest man retools factories to provide free oxygen to COVID patients

(GOOD NEWS NETWORK) – As India grapples with an unprecedented new wave of COVID-19, one of the country’s major companies is working round-the-clock to get free oxygen out to people in need.At its

Four months into Brexit, the UK and France have resorted to gunboat diplomacy over fish

On Wednesday night, it was widely reported that the UK was to send two gunboats to the self-governing British island of Jersey, which sits just 14 miles off the French coast.On Thursday, France announ

U.K. and France Send Naval Ships to Channel Island in Tense Fishing Dispute

LONDON — An ugly spat over post-Brexit fishing rights has erupted into a stranger-than-fiction maritime standoff between Britain and France, as naval ships from both countries converged on Thursday

Indonesia nasal swab scam: Workers accused of reusing Covid tests on passengers at Medan airport

Five employees for major Indonesian pharmaceutical company Kimia Farma were arrested on April 27 for allegedly washing and repackaging rapid antigen nasal swab kits, and using them on passengers at th

Jared Kushner launches group to promote relations between Arab states and Israel

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and former advisor to President Donald Trump, is founding a new group to work on strengthening agreements that normalized relations between Israel and four Arab states la

Blinken and G-7 Allies Turn Their Focus to ‘Democratic Values’

LONDON — The Group of 7 was created to help coordinate economic policy among the world’s top industrial powers.Blinken called, in remarks to the press on Monday, “defending democratic values and

Bill and Melinda Gates: China can’t stop talking about their divorce

Weibo users fretted about everything, from how the couple would divide their massive fortune to whether the divorce would affect Microsoft or their charitable foundation.Even if you don't hold hands t

Opinion: The pandemic can’t end unless the world helps India. Immediately

India, the world's second-most populous nation, is setting world records for the highest number of new infections, with over 400,000 new cases now being reported daily -- a number that most health exp

Belgian farmer accidentally moves French border, makes France smaller

'Gonna have to put things back in place,' wrote the mayor of the Belgian village that gained territory.Facebook Franch got a little smaller, and Belgium a little bigger, thanks to an annoyed Belgian

Harris says she spoke to leaders of Japan, Finland about combating migrant crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday said she has spoken to leaders of countries such as Japan, Finland and Ireland about helping Northern Triangle countries, as part of the response to the migr

Live Updates: At Least 20 Dead in Mexico City Train Crash

Rescue workers at the site where a train plunged off an overpass that partly collapsed on Monday night in Mexico City.Pedro Pardo/Agence France-Presse — Getty ImagesA subway overpass collapsed on Mo