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China To Set Up ‘Line Of Separation’ On Mount Everest, Citing Nepal COVID-19 Outbreak : Coronavirus Updates : NPR

China will set up a 'line of separation' at Mount Everest's summit, as Nepal struggles to control a COVID-19 outbreak.toggle caption Prakash Mathema/AFP via Getty Images China will set up a 'line of

Siding with Terrorists AGAIN: Nets Decry Israel Defending Itself from Hamas

Over the years, NewsBusters has extensively documented how the liberal broadcast networks had thrown their support behind terrorist groups that wanted to wipe Israel off the map.Between ABC, CBS, and,

U.S. Ship Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Boats in Hormuz Straits

S.Coast Guard ship accompanying a Navy guided-missile submarine fired more than a dozen warning shots at a swarm of Iranian fast boats during a tense encounter in the Strait of Hormuz on Monday, a Pen

China’s Census Shows Population Barely Grew in 10 Years as Births Plummet

China’s population is growing at its slowest pace since the 1960s, with falling births and a graying work force presenting the Communist Party with one of its gravest social and economic challenges.

Why Jerusalem’s Aqsa Mosque Is an Arab-Israeli Fuse

The violent confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli security forces at the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem this month reflect its significance as part of one of the most contested pieces of religious

Opinion | Israelis, Palestinians and Their Neighbors Worry: Is This the Big One?

That situation was exacerbated by a long-simmering fight over what Halbertal called “sacred territory.Palestinian families are fighting their eviction in court.Palestinians argue that it is unfair t

Census 2020: China has recorded its slowest population growth in decades, new data reveals

According to China's National Bureau of Statistics, the population rose by 5.The figures also raise the prospect of a demographic crisis for the world's most populous nation, with a falling birth rate

China’s population still growing, census shows—but barely | Science

The country's fertility rate has been dropping for decades.Ending months of speculation about what its 2020 census would find, China reported today that preliminary data show its population is still

School Shooting in Russia Leaves at Least 8 Dead, Including Children

MOSCOW—At least eight people were killed, including seven children, when an attacker opened fire Tuesday at a school in the Russian city of Kazan, according to local authorities.A teacher was also

Israel, Hamas Prepare for Wider Conflict as Rocket Attacks Resume

Tel Aviv—Hamas launched a fresh barrage of rockets Tuesday afternoon at two coastal Israeli cities, as tensions from days of clashes in the contested city of Jerusalem dramatically escalated overnig

CNN Crew Runs For Shelter As Israeli Air Raid Sirens Sound

A CNN news crew sprinted to safety as air raid sirens sounded in Israel moments before they were to go live on air.Let’s go,” CNN Jerusalem correspondent Hadas Gold told her team in dramatic foota

2021 Ford Bronco fuel-economy estimates surface north of the border

Lots of variable could shift final figures in the US.7-liter V6 engine, you're likely going to see somewhere around 17 mpg combined.The new information comes to us thanks to an eagle-eyed Bronco fan