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Beijing Takes Its South China Sea Strategy to the Himalayas

Just in time for its National Day in October, China completed construction of a new village high in the mountains where the Chinese region of Tibet meets the kingdom of Bhutan.This year, China’s mil

Obama CIA Director John Brennan blasts assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist

Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan condemned the killing of an Iranian scientist believed to be linked to Tehran’s nuclear program Friday, calling it “criminal” and

Video Of French Police Beating Black Man In Paris Leads To Outrage : NPR

This video grab taken on Thursday from an AFP video shows CCTV camera footage, widely distributed on social networks, shows producer Michel Zecler being beaten up by police officers at the entrance o

Iran nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh assassinated, state media reports

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, considered one of the masterminds of Iran's controversial nuclear program, died after his car was apparently ambushed in a district east of Tehran.Iranian state media said the kill

Lewis Hamilton addresses F1’s ‘massive problem’ with human rights

Hamilton has emerged as a strong voice for diversity and racial equality in the past few months, and he addressed the issue of human rights at a news conference Thursday.Hamilton's comments were promp

North Korean hackers suspected of targeting vaccine maker AstraZeneca in cyberattack — Reuters

According to Reuters, North Korean hackers posed as recruiters on networking site LinkedIn and WhatsApp in order to approach AstraZeneca staff, including those working on coronavirus research, with fa

China slaps duties of up to 212% on Australian wine imports

Chinese regulators announced Friday that they would start imposing heavy duties on Australian wines after finding preliminary evidence of dumping.1% on Australian wine imports, the Ministry of Commerc

Hong Kong protester gets 21 months in prison for throwing eggs as city’s judiciary comes under pressure to take hard line

In handing down her sentence Thursday, Magistrate Winnie Lau said that while 'an egg is not a weapon of mass destruction,' the throwing of such items at a police station provoked 'discontent' with the

Judge in Venezuela Convicts 6 U.S. Oil Executives of Corruption

CARACAS, Venezuela — A Venezuelan judge on Thursday found six American oil executives guilty of a wide-ranging corruption scheme and immediately sentenced them to prison.The so-called Citgo 6 — em

Hundreds sentenced to life in prison in Turkey’s attempted coup trial

A total of 475 defendants were tried in the high-profile case that focused on the events in the Akinci Air Base in Ankara, which the prosecutor argued was the main command center for the coup plot.Nin

Ethiopia enters ‘final phase’ of operation in Tigray region – Prime Minister

'The last peaceful gate which had remained open for the TPLF clique to walk through have now been firmly closed,' the statement read, referring to the region's ruling party, the Tigray People's Libera

Chinese leader Xi Jinping congratulates Joe Biden on winning election

'Promoting the healthy and stable development of China-US relations is not only in the fundamental interests of both peoples, but also meets the common expectation of the international community,' sta