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The meaning of the hymn Biden quoted during his speech

The song, titled, 'On Eagle's Wings,' is a Catholic devotional hymn, and it was written by Father Jan Michael Joncas in 1979, according to Catholic Philly.Although 'On Eagle's Wings' paints a cross-

Carl Lentz, Pastor to Celebrities, Is Fired From Hillsong Church

Carl Lentz, a prominent Christian pastor known for his celebrity connections and outspoken position in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, was fired on Wednesday from Hillsong East Coast, the

Inspiring lessons from the life of Francis (no, not that Francis)

Like a phoenix on the landscape of beloved and prominent Christian personalities, Francis Anfuso has once again emerged.Amidst today's uncertain times and shifting sands, Francis is on a mission to e

Religious leaders urge no violence after election

Air Force and civilian firefighters participate in a nighttime live-fire burn exercise at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, Sept.Police in major cities across the nation are prepping for expected electi

Jonathan Cahn calls for day of prayer and fasting on Nov. 3

Jonathan Cahn at The Return prayer-and-repentance event on the National Mall in Washington Sept.After leading a massive gathering on the National Mall one month ago, Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn is c

Pope Francis Appoints First African-American Cardinal

ROME — Pope Francis said on Sunday that Wilton Gregory, the archbishop of Washington, would be elevated to cardinal, making him the first African-American to hold such a position.For the United Stat

The hope for America is the church

I wasn't raised in the church.But at age 17, after I put my faith in Christ on my high school campus, a very persistent guy named Mark invited me to church.I didn't hear the words 'I love you' at home

Yes, it matters that much

The foundation of civilized society is freedom of conscience.And that is frightening because all our constitutionally enumerated freedoms rest on the bedrock liberty of conscience.Free exercise of rel

San Francisco archbishop holds exorcism where protesters toppled Junipero Serra statue

A Roman Catholic archbishop performed an exorcism in Northern California on Saturday morning at the site where racial injustice protesters toppled a statue of 18th-century Spanish missionary Junip

President Trump Concedes Jesus Christ is More Famous Than Him

Play video content Breaking News C-SPAN2 .Trump -- ever the humble servant -- says he insisted he's not .His Christian anecdote is reminiscent of John Lennon saying, in 1966, the Beatles were 'more po

Ancient First Temple 2-shekel weight discovered in Israel

(JERUSALEM POST) -- An ancient limestone weight, dating back to the Iron Age – the First Temple period, which corresponds to the measurement unit of two shekels at that time, has been discovered at

Christian charities targeted by atheists for limiting leadership to Christians

Salvation Army food bank in the U.The NSS has released a report, 'How Religious Privilege is Undermining Equality Law,' also calling for religious schools that have funding from the government to give