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Ramadan celebrations around the globe

Devotees practice social distancing on the first Friday of the holy month of Ramadan at the Putra Mosque in Putrajaya, Malaysia, on April 16.Devotees practice social distancing on the first Friday of

Indianapolis Sikhs Mourn FedEx Shooting Victims as Questions About Motive Linger

At Sikh temples across Indianapolis, members gathered Saturday to mourn, pray and reflect on the circumstances of the shooting.Many of them described the victims from their community as hard workers,

Landlord cancels rental deal when she discovers church’s faith

A church in the United Kingdom has sued a property owner for canceling a rental agreement over the church's commitment to biblical marriage, the union of one man and one woman.Stirling Free Church ha

Franklin Graham: ‘God’s judgment is coming’

Franklin Graham.'What's happened politically in our country is a disgrace, what took place in the last election.But I just believe that the only hope for our nation is God,' he said.'Christians need t

Schools committed to ‘theistic order’ are key to renewal

(Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay).This has been a long time coming, but once education was separated from a religious principle capable of justifying the rational pursuit of knowledge, the dem

Pastor refuses to teach to mostly white churches

(PROTESTIA) – A megachurch pastor has pledged he will no longer preach or teach at churches that aren’t sufficiently multiethnic, likening his refusal to Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 7:6 which ta

Warnock deletes Easter tweet amid backlash

Raphael Warnock faced criticism on Sunday over a tweet on Easter, saying the 'meaning' of the holiday 'is more transcendent' than the actual resurrection of Jesus.'The meaning of Easter is more trans

Court case hits Jerusalem for hiding Vatican’s illegal ‘Messiah Tunnel’

(ISRAEL365NEWS) -- The Regavim Movement filed a petition against the Jerusalem Municipality on Tuesday, demanding law enforcement against an illegal subterranean tunnel dug by the Church of the Dormit

‘Unbelievable sick, evil people!’ Pastor goes nuclear on ‘Nazi’ cops

Police officers being kicked out of a Passover service in Calgary, Alberta, Canada during Holy Week 2021.(Video screenshot).Stunning video has emerged of a Christian pastor passionately kicking police

Jeannie Cunnion: At Easter, this is the thing we don’t talk about. Why?

The significance of Christ’s resurrection became real to me at eight years old.What I didn’t realize on that life-changing night in 1983 was that the resurrection power that raised Jesus Christ fr

Pope Francis leads scaled-down Easter Sunday mass

Francis led the service in St.He also called for vaccines to be shared with the world's poorest countries.'The risen Christ is hope for all who continue to suffer from the pandemic, both the sick and

Hit series on life of Jesus launches 2nd season

'The Chosen' miniseries (VidAngel trailer screenshot).The most successful crowd-funded television or film project ever, raising more than $10 million, 'The Chosen,' is launching its second season on E