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NASA’s asteroid-punching spacecraft begins its trek back home

The NASA spacecraft that snatched a sample of rocks from the distant Bennu asteroid last year fired up a suite of thrusters on Monday and committed to its two-year journey back home.The maneuver kicks

‘Something went wrong.’ Some astronomers feel left out of European road map | Science

For more than 1 year, Astronet, a group of more than 50 astronomers, has labored to draw up priorities for the next 2 decades of European astronomy.To answer them, the plan calls for new facilities i

Next stop, space: NASA Webb telescope undergoes final tests | Science

The mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope is undergoing final tests this month before being packaged up for launch.NASA engineers are getting one last look at the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

This Is Your Brain Under Anesthesia

In earlier studies on brain implants in rodents and EEG readings from humans, Brown showed that propofol disrupts communication in the cortex.But to push the science further, he and Miller wanted to r

DNA arranged into tiny Lite-Brite style pegboards could help us store tons of data for centuries

We and our colleagues have developed a way to store data using pegs and pegboards made out of DNA and retrieving the data with a microscope – a molecular version of the Lite-Brite toy.Our prototype

NASA James Webb Space Telescope opens golden mirror one last time on Earth

One wing of the James Webb Space Telescope's main mirror opens into place during a final test of the mirror deployment system in May 2021.NASA/Chris Gunn The James Webb Space Telescope has opened it

Rocket Lab prepares to recover second booster at sea after May 15 launch – TechCrunch

Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck shared more details on the company’s next launch, which is set to take off from its New Zealand facility on May 15.The Electron vehicle will be carrying satellites from Bla

Rocket Lab races to catch up with SpaceX by going rocket fishing

A Rocket Lab Electron rocket awaits liftoff in New Zealand.This weekend the company will attempt to recover one of its orbital rockets after delivering a payload to orbit for the second time in its l

NASA’s Perseverance rover begins looking for signs of life in Mars lake bed

The Watson camera on the Perseverance rover's Sherloc instrument focusing in on a region of the Mars surface.But its sister robot, the rover Perseverance, is also trying to achieve a monumental first

Bees and hoverflies gobble fake pollen, benefiting both insect and plant | Science

A hoverfly exits the blossom of a Cypripedium wardii orchid after having fed on its pseudopollen (whitish powder visible at the lip of the pouchlike blossom).Some release sex pheromones that attract

Watch a Snake Robot Go for a Swim

When sea snakes swim, they wind their way through the water by flicking their flattened tails, which is super graceful but requires a whole lot of coordination.As you can see in the video below, it ma

Piles of ancient poop reveal “extinction event” in human gut bacteria | Science

Now, 1000-year-old piles of dried-out poop are offering insights into how the billions-strong bacterial ecosystems in the human gut have been altered by sanitation, processed foods, and antibiotics.In