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SpaceX mission: Four astronauts to return from five-month ISS mission

On Saturday evening, the crew climbed aboard their spacecraft, which had remained fixed to the space station's docking ports since the astronauts arrived in November.When asked what meal he was lookin

SpaceX to Fly Astronauts in Late Splashdown for NASA — How to Watch

There are four astronauts on Crew-1:.) He was one of nine astronauts selected by NASA in 2009.He has made one previous trip to the International Space Station, in 2013-14, spending 166 days in orbit.S

NASA highlights the idyllic space oasis of ‘Necklace Nebula’ stars

This cluster of stellar bodies may be formally known as the 'Necklace Nebula,' but to me it just looks like a peaceful, lush oasis hanging out in deep space.This 'diamond necklace of cosmic proportion

NASA freezes SpaceX’s lunar lander cash due to protests

An artist’s conception shows SpaceX’s Starship rocket ship on the moon.9 billion contract award from Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture as well as from Alabama-based Dynetics.Dynetics and a s

SpaceX Crew-1 splashdown delayed again

NASA and SpaceX delayed the Crew-1 mission astronauts' return to Earth for a second time on Thursday.ELON MUSK SAYS SPACEX STARSHIP SN15 LIKELY TO TEST-LAUNCH THIS WEEK.However, following a review of

Solar Flares in Netflix’s ‘Stowaway,’ Apple’s ‘For All Mankind’ Are No Match for the Real Thing

(Warning: This post contains spoilers to Netflix’s “Stowaway” and the Season 2 premiere of Apple’s “For All Mankind”).Conventional wisdom tells us that the radiation a stellar flare shoot

‘It’s time’: Blue Origin teases ticket sales for its New Shepard rocket

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is finally getting ready to sell tickets for seats on its suborbital New Shepard rocket.No details on price or timelines yet, but the company tweeted a video on Thursday feat

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin protests NASA’s $2.9 billion SpaceX contract

Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin is protesting NASA’s decision to award SpaceX $2.NASA’s Human Landing System program, which funded development of three rival lunar lander prototypes (inclu

Full moon in April 2021: When to see the ‘Pink’ supermoon

This moon will be at its fullest on Monday at 11:32 p.This supermoon will be the second-closest full moon of the year, according to EarthSky.Native American tribes across the United States have their

On Hubble’s 31st birthday, NASA points at a stunning ‘celebrity star’

Smile, Hubble! You turn 31 today.In honor of its 31st birthday, NASA turned the space telescope's attention toward a distant and jaw-droppingly beautiful 'celebrity star.AG Carinae, which NASA calls o

How NASA’s Perseverance is making oxygen on Mars

One of the many pesky barriers to humans freely exploring and inhabiting Mars is the planet’s lack of oxygen.NASA said it plans to conduct more MOXIE tests, but did not specify when.MOXIE ran its fi

SpaceX capsule with four NASA astronauts aboard docks with International Space Station

This mission, dubbed Crew-2, marks the third-ever crewed flight for Elon Musk's company and the first to make use of a previously flown, privately-owned rocket booster and spacecraft.Kimbrough, McArth