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China launches core module for new space station: What you need to know

The core module of the Chinese Space Station is being built in low Earth orbit.CMS Tianhe, the core module in China's new, next-gen space station launched to orbit on April 28, kickstarting 18 months

‘Truly Alone’: Late Astronaut Michael Collins’ Most Haunting Memory Of Apollo 11

Astronaut Michael Collins, who died on Wednesday at the age of 90, had a very different experience from his Apollo 11 crewmates.While fellow NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the

SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink satellites – TechCrunch

SpaceX has launched another batch of Starlink satellites, adding 60 more to the constellation on orbit.This year, SpaceX’s overall launch calendar has been dominated by Starlink launches, as the com

China Advances Space Station Ambition With Module Launch

HONG KONG—China sent a core component of its new space station into orbit, marking a key milestone in the country’s ambitions to establish a permanent presence in space.China is planning a series

China to land a rover on Mars in mid-May — here’s how it’ll work

For the first few months of 2021, the Martian atmosphere was buzzing with new visitors from Earth.The next visitor to the planet will be Tianwen-1 mission’s lander, which will attempt to reach the s

Mantis shrimp start practicing their punches at just 9 days old

The fastest punches in the animal kingdom probably belong to mantis shrimp — and they may begin unleashing these attacks a little more than a week after hatching, when they have just started to hun

NASA Mars helicopter ‘Ingenuity’ fails to take flight during fourth run, rescheduled to Friday

NASA's helicopter on Mars, the four-pound 'Ingenuity,' failed to get off the ground for its fourth flight Thursday, but NASA said it is safe and will try again Friday.Previous test flights for the hel

Mars Ingenuity helicopter’s fourth flight doesn’t get off ground… yet

NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA's 'high-risk, high-reward' Ingenuity helicopter was supposed to take to the Martian skies for the fourth time on Thursday to 'push its performance envelope on Mars.'Aim high, and

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space tourism flights: When are tickets available?

Blue Origin Blue Origin, the rocket startup from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, will reveal details about how and when to purchase tickets to ride its New Shepard rocket into space next Tuesday, May 5.Get

Little Foot’s shoulders hint at how a human-chimp ancestor climbed

67-million-year-old adult female sports the oldest and most complete set of shoulder blades and collarbones of any ancient hominid.Those fossils also provide the best available model for what the shou

Here’s what China wants from its next space station

The Tianhe-1 module that launched this week is the core of what is supposed to be a three-part space station.The ISS is a football-field-size behemoth weighing about 420 metric tons, while the much sm

‘Bat-sense’ algorithm could be used to monitor people and property without cameras

A “bat-sense” algorithm that generates images from sounds could be used to catch burglars and monitor patients without using CCTV, the technique’s inventors say.The machine-learning algorithm de