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Ingenuity takes its third flight on Mars

NASA’s tiny Ingenuity helicopter made its third successful flight on Mars early Sunday, and flew higher and faster than it did even when it was being tested on Earth.At about 1:31 AM ET, the helicop

Scientists Discover Closest Known Black Hole To Earth

Astronomers have discovered a new record-breaking black hole, which is the closest to Earth found to date — and one of the smallest.Ohio State University researchers spotted this one by noting the d

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter flew on Mars for the third time, and Perseverance took a video

Humans are getting better at flying helicopters on other planets.NASA says the helicopter rose 16 feet (the same altitude as Ingenuity's second flight), but it covered a distance of 164 feet, and flew

This praying mantis inflates a strange pheromone gland to lure mates

But researchers have recently found one mantis species that takes this otherworldly quality to the next level: Females of this species have an inflatable pheromone gland that protrudes from the back o

Peak time to see the supermoon tonight

Once in a blue moon, there’s a pink moon.However, it’s a bit of a misnomer, because the moon won’t look pink, but rather golden and then white.The pink moon is also the first of two supermoons i

Why ‘deepfake geography’ presents significant risks — and how researchers are detecting it

What may appear to be an image of Tacoma Wash.” It’s an aphorism that used to be a lot more true than it is today, now that computers can easily produce all manner of fake images and altered recor

Sponges can crawl, but it costs them bits of their bodies | Science

Sea sponges don’t move, or so many scientists believed.But researchers report today in Current Biology that deep in the Arctic Sea sponges do creep, and they sacrifice pieces of their own bodies to

Stars made of antimatter could lurk in the Milky Way

Fourteen pinpricks of light on a gamma-ray map of the sky could fit the bill for antistars, stars made of antimatter, a new study suggests.These antistar candidates seem to give off the kind of gamma

The Color Of Tonight’s Full ‘Pink’ Supermoon May Surprise You

m.Eastern, according to NASA) — but it will not boast a rosy color.April’s full moon is named after the herb “moss pink,” a plant that is native to the eastern United States that is one of the

Spot the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket part hiding in this ISS astronaut photo

Can you find the Falcon 9 second stage in this image taken from Crew Dragon during the Crew-2 trip to the ISS?.A member of the SpaceX Crew-2 mission, Pesquet shared a couple of mind-bending views of

SpaceX Crew-1 splashdown: How to watch live as NASA astronauts come home

Four of them are scheduled to come home Wednesday as SpaceX's Crew-1 wraps up its mission.This will be the second time humans have returned to Earth on a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, building on the su

Scientists discover a ‘hellish’ planet so hot it would vaporize most metals

TOI-1431b is one of the hottest planets ever discovered.University of South Queensland TOI-1431b, also known as MASCARA-5b, is a newly discovered planet located roughly 490 light years from earth.But