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The iOS 14 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know

This new iOS 14 feature gives your iPhone a different MAC address every time it connects, making it much more difficult for this sort of tracking to work.If you see a message about apps pasting clipbo

Small Bitcoin addresses plunge to 4-month low, but is this bearish?

The number of Bitcoin (BTC) addresses holding 1 BTC plummeted to a four-month low on Sep.What caused the number of small Bitcoin addresses to sharply drop?.The noticeable decline in small Bitcoin addr

Bitcoin price volatility expected as 47% of BTC options expire next Friday

The open interest on Bitcoin (BTC) options is just 5% short of their all-time high, but nearly half of this amount will be terminated in the upcoming September expiry.9 billion worth of options signal

Indian state of Tamil Nadu announces blockchain infrastructure plan

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu unveils new technology projects, including a blockchain infrastructure, to create easier government processes.Palaniswami announced Tamil Nadu's adoption of an ethical b

Sony Apologizes For PS5 Preorder Fiasco, Says More Are Coming Soon

Following September 16's PS5 preorder fiasco, which saw the console go on sale at several retailers without proper warning, Sony has offered an apology.Writing on its official Twitter account, PlaySt

This highly-rated password manager is now on sale for a limited time

TLDR: Dashlane Password Manager creates strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts or website logins with one-click access from all of your devices.With almost everyone working from home these

The Nintendo Switch is back in stock at GameStop and Amazon

Sarah Tew/CNET Ever since the pandemic hit, Nintendo has been struggling to keep up with Switch and Switch Lite demand.But now that we're seeing it in stock at stores on a fairly regular basis, we're

New PS5 Images Show Size, How Stand Will Attach

The PlayStation 5 is set to be an absolute behemoth, and though it isn't as wide as the Xbox Series X, the PS5 is quite a bit taller than Microsoft's system.Taiwan's National Communications Commissio

Get the most out of your Android and iPhone with these 10 accessories, now on sale

It’s happening to all of us, so there’s no need to fight it.1. 4-Panel Foldable Solar Charger and 10,000mAh Power Bank – $27.There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere wi

First PS5 photos show just how big Sony’s next-gen console truly is

Sony’s upcoming PS5 hardware has appeared at the FCC, providing us with the first close up photos of the next-gen console.The FCC has published a variety of images, showing the standard PS5 laying h

Best game console while we wait for PS5 and Xbox Series X: Switch, PS4, Oculus and more

The next generation of console gaming arrives on Nov.As exciting as those consoles look, however, the current gaming landscape is arguably stronger than ever.The Switch, which debuted in March 2017, i

7 ways you can take screenshots in Windows 10

Sarah Tew/CNET Taking a screenshot is a quick and easy way to capture part of or the entirety of your display, from an image you want to annotate and share to an online receipt you'd like to snip and