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One Small Fix Would Curb Stingray Surveillance

Law enforcement in the United States, international spies, and criminals have all used (and abused) the surveillance tools known as "stingrays" for more than a decade. The devices can track people's l

They’re Stealthy at Sea, but They Can’t Hide From the Albatross

There’s a lot of ocean out there, and boats...

Intel Is Patching the Patch for the Patch for Its ‘Zombieload’ Flaw

Over the last two years, security researchers have dug up one technique after another that lets a hacker trick Intel's microprocessors into spilling a computer's deepest secrets. But for one serious f

Defying Vertigo to Capture Aerials From an Ultralight Plane

Magali Chesnel suffers from vertigo; she also loves taking pictures from very high heights. In 2016, she was bicycling through the colorful salt marshes in the Camargue region of her native France whe

Tinder Swipes Right on AI to Help Stop Harassment

On Tinder, an opening line can go south pretty quickly. And while there are plenty of Instagram accounts dedicated to exposing these “Tinder nightmares,” when the company looked at its numbers, it

AI License Plate Readers Are Cheaper—So Drive Carefully

The town of Rotterdam, New York, has only 45 police officers, but technology extends their reach. You can look back and see every car that passed.” Officers can search back in time for a specific pl

I Monitor My Teens’ Electronics, and You Should Too

This story is part of a series on parenting—from surveilling our teens to helping our kids navigate fake news and misinformation.I’m a father of two teenagers, 13 and 17. I don’t want your pity,

The Blurred Boundaries of Work-From-Home Parenting

This story is part of a series on parenting—from surveilling our teens to helping our kids navigate fake news and misinformation.It's 10:50 am when my Apple Watch dings. I spent the early part of th

Apple’s iPad Turns 10: A Look Back at Its First Decade

A week after Apple announced these new gadgets, the company’s earnings report showed that iPad sales were down for the third quarter in a row. But, despite the fact that Apple was the clear leader i

The Sneaky Simple Malware That Hits Millions of Macs

The popular misconception that Macs don’t get viruses has become a lot less popular in recent years, as Apple devices have weathered their fair share of bugs. But it’s still surprising that the mo

Google Calls Out Safari for Privacy Flaws

If you have any reason to think that Saudi Arabia might have issues with you or one of your business concerns, please read about how crown prince Mohammad bin Salman appears to have hacked Amazon CEO

The Hard Truths About Being a Videogame Writer

David L. Craddock is one of the major voices in long-form videogame journalism, having written books about Diablo, Shovel Knight, and Pillars of Eternity, among others. I just love telling the stories