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Fallen Order’ Xbox bundle is back down to its Black Friday price

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Live out your Jedi dreams. [...] TL;DR: The Xbox One X Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bundle is bac

How the world’s largest cannabis dispensary avoids social media restrictions – TechCrunch

Planet 13 is the world’s largest cannabis dispensary. Planet 13 is upending the dispensary model. It’s big, loud and visitors are encouraged to photograph everything. As part of the cannabis indus

Farberware models are $20 off at Walmart

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. We know, your counters are full with all the latest obsessions like air fryers and Instant Pots,

Flexibits launches major Fantastical update – TechCrunch

Flexibits, the company behind popular calendar app Fantastical, is releasing Fantastical 3.0 on all platforms today — macOS, iOS, iPadOS and watchOS. New features include event proposals, interestin

iPhone inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck now available for preorder

Russia's Caviar is known for lavish, extremely expensive iPhone modifications, but its new product will turn heads for different reasons. It's called the Cyberphone, and yes, it's an iPhone mod with a

Roku’s Smart Soundbar can now pair with its wireless speakers for surround sound – TechCrunch

Roku’s audio expansions continue today with a software update that gives its existing line of Roku Smart Soundbars the ability to offer a surround sound experience when paired with Roku TV Wireless

Mobile messaging startup Attentive raises another $70M – TechCrunch

Less than six months after it announced $40 million in funding, Attentive has raised another $70 million, this time in Series C funding. CEO Brian Long (who, along with his Attentive co-founder Andrew

6 Best Gaming Desktop PCs (2020): Custom, High-End, Cheap

I'm going to be honest. That's why I'm glued to my Nintendo Switch or laptop; they're great for everyday gaming. But sometimes I get a craving for something a little more immersive.A good gaming deskt

‘Kingdom Hearts III Re: Mind’ Is the Antidote to Bad Endings

Last year was, in pop culture terms, a year of disappointing endings. Both Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Game of Thrones demonstrated just how difficult it is to end a major mass-media storytel

Billie Eilish: Gen Z’s Outrageous Fashion Role Model

Mila Docheva faced down the camera, her contours camouflaged by an outsize hoodie raucously inscribed with neon graffiti. Her turnout, which she posted on Instagram, was a homage to her idol, the pop

How to Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone’s Encryption

You may not think much about encryption day to day, but it’s the reason the FBI can't easily get at the data on the iPhones that come into its possession; it also means if someone steals your phone,

HeyMama, a premium social network for working moms, raises $2 million – TechCrunch

As we spend more and more time on our phones, working busier and busier jobs, and leading more and more overwhelming lives, personal connection with others is harder and harder to come by. HeyMama wan