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The Sneaky Simple Malware That Hits Millions of Macs

The popular misconception that Macs don’t get viruses has become a lot less popular in recent years, as Apple devices have weathered their fair share of bugs. But it’s still surprising that the mo

Google Calls Out Safari for Privacy Flaws

If you have any reason to think that Saudi Arabia might have issues with you or one of your business concerns, please read about how crown prince Mohammad bin Salman appears to have hacked Amazon CEO

The Hard Truths About Being a Videogame Writer

David L. Craddock is one of the major voices in long-form videogame journalism, having written books about Diablo, Shovel Knight, and Pillars of Eternity, among others. I just love telling the stories

16 Best Weekend Deals: Samsung QLEDs, Apple AirPods Pro, and More

Some of us here at the Gadget Lab really love winter. The coming months bring peak ski, snowboard, and sledding season, without the inconvenience and expense of "holiday travel" and "family time." At

An AI Epidemiologist Sent the First Warnings of the Wuhan Virus

On January 9, the World Health Organization notified the public of a flu-like outbreak in China: a cluster of pneumonia cases had been reported in Wuhan, possibly from vendors’ exposure to live anim

An Esports Exodus to YouTube Reshapes the Livestream Wars

Today, YouTube announced that it will exclusively stream three...

Switch From Your Internet Provider’s Email to Something Better

You’ve had that old @twc.com email address ever since you signed up for cable internet years ago, and it has served you well. But those cable company-provided email services are far from the best on

Valve Swears ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Is Actually, Legitimately Done

Welcome to Replay, WIRED's rundown of all of the week's big videogame news. Grab a snack, lean back, and let's get to it.Valve Swears Half-Life: Alyx Is Actually, Really, Legitimately DoneValve does n

Chime Chai Maker Review: A Pricey, Speedy Way to Make Chai

Growing up, anytime I brought home something to my Indian parents—whether it was new clothes, a gadget, or even food—they usually told me off. I expected them to tell me just how overpriced the ma

The Future of Death Tech Has No Rules—Yet

For death-tech startups, convincing legislators that their inventions should fall under the “cremation” umbrella is the fastest way to begin operations. Old phrases like “thermal process” can

The Strange, Subtle Matter of ASMR Erotica

His videos range from all types of role play, including “Naughty boyfriend,” “Shirtless boyfriend,” “Spanish boyfriend,” “Male burglar,” and “Hot Farting Stud With Bloated Gut.” Th

This Week’s Cartoons: CAPTCHA Crisis, Twitter Divorce, and Inbox Zero

By Jeremy Nguyen, with cartooncollections.com/collections/wired" rel="noopener noreferrer">cartooncollections.com/collections/wired" rel="noopener noreferrer">cartooncollections.com/collections/wired"