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Trump says ‘nobody gets hacked’ but forgot his hotel chain was hacked — twice – TechCrunch

According to President Trump speaking at a campaign event in Tucson, Arizona, on Monday, “nobody gets hacked.” You don’t need someone who covers security day in and day out to call bullshit on t

Katie Hill says old government Twitter account was ‘hacked’ after ‘former staff’ rips her as #MeToo ‘perpetrator’

Katie Hill announced late Tuesday that her old government Twitter account was 'hacked' by the ex-congresswoman's 'former staff' that blasted the Democrat as a #MeToo 'perpetrator' following the anno

Three years later, Facebook says it will ban QAnon

The move comes three years after the far-right conspiracy theory began.In August, President Donald Trump praised QAnon followers for supporting him.In August, Facebook cracked down on thousands of acc

Instagram begins to label posts from ‘state-controlled media’

A few months ago, Facebook began labeling posts by state-controlled media — a move it had announced a year ago.Now the company is bringing a similar warning to Instagram, as spotted by journalist C

Celebrities hand over Instagram accounts to Black women for UK Black History Month

Share the Mic UK aims to magnify Black women's work, lives and achievements by bringing together more than 70 women with a combined Instagram following of more than 175 million, according to a post on

Sir David Attenborough breaks Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram record

Move aside Jennifer Aniston, there’s a new Instagram record-breaker in town.has broken the record for the fastest time to reach one million followers on Instagram, reaching the milestone in just ove

Chinese propaganda network on Facebook used AI-generated faces – TechCrunch

Facebook removed two networks of fake accounts spreading government propaganda on the platform Tuesday, one originating in China and one in the Philippines.In its latest report on this kind of coordin

Dr. Dre’s Record Co. Accuses Estranged Wife of ‘Decimating’ Bank Account

Dre and his estranged wife founded together is accusing her of draining the primary business account dry and even criminal embezzlement .TMZ has obtained a letter that was fired off to Nicole Young by

Justice Dept. indicts six in scheme to bribe Amazon employees and gain marketplace advantage

(GeekWire File Photo).The indictment alleges that the defendants conspired to pay over $100,00 in bribes in order to benefit specific merchant accounts on the platform used by third-party sellers.The

Twitter orders politicians, journalists to fortify passwords before election

Who must follow the rules: The new rules will apply to presidential campaigns, political parties and certain political candidates, as well as members of the executive branch and Congress.About that bi